The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-30, Page-591), At-Tariq 1-17, Al-A'la 1-15

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-30 » Page-591
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At-Tariq: 86/At-Tariq-1, 86/At-Tariq-2, 86/At-Tariq-3, 86/At-Tariq-4, 86/At-Tariq-5, 86/At-Tariq-6, 86/At-Tariq-7, 86/At-Tariq-8, 86/At-Tariq-9, 86/At-Tariq-10, 86/At-Tariq-11, 86/At-Tariq-12, 86/At-Tariq-13, 86/At-Tariq-14, 86/At-Tariq-15, 86/At-Tariq-16, 86/At-Tariq-17, Al-A'la: 87/Al-A'la-1, 87/Al-A'la-2, 87/Al-A'la-3, 87/Al-A'la-4, 87/Al-A'la-5, 87/Al-A'la-6, 87/Al-A'la-7, 87/Al-A'la-8, 87/Al-A'la-9, 87/Al-A'la-10, 87/Al-A'la-11, 87/Al-A'la-12, 87/Al-A'la-13, 87/Al-A'la-14, 87/Al-A'la-15, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-30, Page-591, At-Tariq 1-17, Al-A'la 1-15


Listen Quran: 86/At-Tariq-1
86/At-Tariq-1: By the sky and At-Târiq.
Listen Quran: 86/At-Tariq-2
86/At-Tariq-2: And what is it that makes you know what At-Târiq is?
Listen Quran: 86/At-Tariq-3
86/At-Tariq-3: (It is) a star that pierces the darkness with its brightness.
Listen Quran: 86/At-Tariq-4
86/At-Tariq-4: There is not a soul but over it is a guardian (watcher, keeper).
Listen Quran: 86/At-Tariq-5
86/At-Tariq-5: So let the man look at from what he is created.
Listen Quran: 86/At-Tariq-6
86/At-Tariq-6: He is created from a strongly ejected fluid.
Listen Quran: 86/At-Tariq-7
86/At-Tariq-7: Derived between the backbone and the ribs (as a result of a coordinated work of two central nerves found right there).
Listen Quran: 86/At-Tariq-8
86/At-Tariq-8: Most surely He (Allah) is able to return him (human) back to life (resurrect him).
Listen Quran: 86/At-Tariq-9
86/At-Tariq-9: The Day when hidden things shall be made manifest.
Listen Quran: 86/At-Tariq-10
86/At-Tariq-10: Then he will have no power or strength and there is no helper either.
Listen Quran: 86/At-Tariq-11
86/At-Tariq-11: By the heaven that is the owner of return.
Listen Quran: 86/At-Tariq-12
86/At-Tariq-12: And by the earth that has cracks.
Listen Quran: 86/At-Tariq-13
86/At-Tariq-13: Surely that is the Word that separates (the truth from the falsehood).
Listen Quran: 86/At-Tariq-14
86/At-Tariq-14: And it is not an ordinary word.
Listen Quran: 86/At-Tariq-15
86/At-Tariq-15: Surely they are plotting with deceit.
Listen Quran: 86/At-Tariq-16
86/At-Tariq-16: And I too plot with deceit.
Listen Quran: 86/At-Tariq-17
86/At-Tariq-17: So give the disbelievers a respite, reprieve them for a while.


Listen Quran: 87/Al-A'la-1
87/Al-A'la-1: Glorify the Name of Âlâ (the Most High) of your Lord.
Listen Quran: 87/Al-A'la-2
87/Al-A'la-2: That He has created, then proportioned (designed it).
Listen Quran: 87/Al-A'la-3
87/Al-A'la-3: And that He has decreed a destiny. Then guided.
Listen Quran: 87/Al-A'la-4
87/Al-A'la-4: And that He brought forth the herbage (greens) from earth.
Listen Quran: 87/Al-A'la-5
87/Al-A'la-5: Then turned it into black refuse.
Listen Quran: 87/Al-A'la-6
87/Al-A'la-6: We will make you recite (the Qur’ân) so you will not forget it.
Listen Quran: 87/Al-A'la-7
87/Al-A'la-7: Nevertheless (this is) what Allah wills; surely He knows what is manifest, and what is hidden.
Listen Quran: 87/Al-A'la-8
87/Al-A'la-8: And We shall make (it) easy for you so that it may be easy.
Listen Quran: 87/Al-A'la-9
87/Al-A'la-9: Therefore do Dhikr (teach Dhikr, give admonition), in case the Dhikr (the admonition) shall benefit.
Listen Quran: 87/Al-A'la-10
87/Al-A'la-10: He who is in reverence towards Allah will do Dhikr (repeat the Name of Allah, deliberate).
Listen Quran: 87/Al-A'la-11
87/Al-A'la-11: And the most unfortunate one will avoid it (Dhikr).
Listen Quran: 87/Al-A'la-12
87/Al-A'la-12: That he (the most unfortunate one) shall be flung into a great Fire.
Listen Quran: 87/Al-A'la-13
87/Al-A'la-13: Then, in it (the fire) he shall neither die nor find life.
Listen Quran: 87/Al-A'la-14
87/Al-A'la-14: Whosoever cleansed his soul is in Salvation.
Listen Quran: 87/Al-A'la-15
87/Al-A'la-15: (The one who cleansed his soul) remembered (repeated) the Name of his Lord and performed the prayers.
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