The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-30, Page-596), Al-Layl 15-21, Ad-Dhuha 1-11, Ash-Sharh 1-8

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-30 » Page-596
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Al-Layl: 92/Al-Layl-15, 92/Al-Layl-16, 92/Al-Layl-17, 92/Al-Layl-18, 92/Al-Layl-19, 92/Al-Layl-20, 92/Al-Layl-21, Ad-Dhuha: 93/Ad-Dhuha-1, 93/Ad-Dhuha-2, 93/Ad-Dhuha-3, 93/Ad-Dhuha-4, 93/Ad-Dhuha-5, 93/Ad-Dhuha-6, 93/Ad-Dhuha-7, 93/Ad-Dhuha-8, 93/Ad-Dhuha-9, 93/Ad-Dhuha-10, 93/Ad-Dhuha-11, Ash-Sharh: 94/Ash-Sharh-1, 94/Ash-Sharh-2, 94/Ash-Sharh-3, 94/Ash-Sharh-4, 94/Ash-Sharh-5, 94/Ash-Sharh-6, 94/Ash-Sharh-7, 94/Ash-Sharh-8, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-30, Page-596, Al-Layl 15-21, Ad-Dhuha 1-11, Ash-Sharh 1-8
Listen Quran: 92/Al-Layl-15
92/Al-Layl-15: None props himself against it (thrown in it) but the most ungrateful.
Listen Quran: 92/Al-Layl-16
92/Al-Layl-16: He (the most ungrateful) that belied (Al-Husnâ) and turned away.
Listen Quran: 92/Al-Layl-17
92/Al-Layl-17: The most pious one however shall be kept away from it (Nar-ı Telazza).
Listen Quran: 92/Al-Layl-18
92/Al-Layl-18: He (the most pious one) that gives away his wealth, purifies himself.
Listen Quran: 92/Al-Layl-19
92/Al-Layl-19: And (the fact when the owner of piety gives away his wealth is) not in return for any blessing to be rewarded in His (Allah’s) Presence.
Listen Quran: 92/Al-Layl-20
92/Al-Layl-20: He only sought the Countenance (the Face, Essence) of his Lord, the Most High.
Listen Quran: 92/Al-Layl-21
92/Al-Layl-21: And he shall soon be well-pleased.


Listen Quran: 93/Ad-Dhuha-1
93/Ad-Dhuha-1: By the forenoon.
Listen Quran: 93/Ad-Dhuha-2
93/Ad-Dhuha-2: And (by) the night when complete darkness falls down.
Listen Quran: 93/Ad-Dhuha-3
93/Ad-Dhuha-3: Your Lord has not forsaken you, nor has He become displeased.
Listen Quran: 93/Ad-Dhuha-4
93/Ad-Dhuha-4: And surely the Hereafter (the life after this) is better for you than that which has gone before (the worldly life).
Listen Quran: 93/Ad-Dhuha-5
93/Ad-Dhuha-5: And soon will your Lord certainly give you (a blessing), so that you shall be well-pleased.
Listen Quran: 93/Ad-Dhuha-6
93/Ad-Dhuha-6: Did He not find you an orphan? Then did He not give you shelter (with someone who would protect you)?
Listen Quran: 93/Ad-Dhuha-7
93/Ad-Dhuha-7: And He found you in Misguidance then delivered you to Hidayet.
Listen Quran: 93/Ad-Dhuha-8
93/Ad-Dhuha-8: And He found you in poverty then made you rich.
Listen Quran: 93/Ad-Dhuha-9
93/Ad-Dhuha-9: But from now on do not oppress (distress) the orphan.
Listen Quran: 93/Ad-Dhuha-10
93/Ad-Dhuha-10: And do not reprimand the one who asks from now on.
Listen Quran: 93/Ad-Dhuha-11
93/Ad-Dhuha-11: And but, start explaining the Blessings of your Lord.


Listen Quran: 94/Ash-Sharh-1
94/Ash-Sharh-1: Have We not split (expanded) for you your bosom.
Listen Quran: 94/Ash-Sharh-2
94/Ash-Sharh-2: And (have We not) taken off from you your burden.
Listen Quran: 94/Ash-Sharh-3
94/Ash-Sharh-3: Which (the burden) pressed heavily upon your back.
Listen Quran: 94/Ash-Sharh-4
94/Ash-Sharh-4: And increased for you your Dhikr (your remembrance).
Listen Quran: 94/Ash-Sharh-5
94/Ash-Sharh-5: So, surely hardship and ease are together.
Listen Quran: 94/Ash-Sharh-6
94/Ash-Sharh-6: Surely hardship and ease are together.
Listen Quran: 94/Ash-Sharh-7
94/Ash-Sharh-7: So when you are free, immediately resume your toil (appoint yourself immediately to your Lord).
Listen Quran: 94/Ash-Sharh-8
94/Ash-Sharh-8: And therefore strive to please your Lord (praise Him, remember Him, glorify Him).
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