The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-30, Page-583), An-Naba' 31-40, An-Nazi'at 1-15

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-30 » Page-583
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An-Naba': 78/An-Naba'-31, 78/An-Naba'-32, 78/An-Naba'-33, 78/An-Naba'-34, 78/An-Naba'-35, 78/An-Naba'-36, 78/An-Naba'-37, 78/An-Naba'-38, 78/An-Naba'-39, 78/An-Naba'-40, An-Nazi'at: 79/An-Nazi'at-1, 79/An-Nazi'at-2, 79/An-Nazi'at-3, 79/An-Nazi'at-4, 79/An-Nazi'at-5, 79/An-Nazi'at-6, 79/An-Nazi'at-7, 79/An-Nazi'at-8, 79/An-Nazi'at-9, 79/An-Nazi'at-10, 79/An-Nazi'at-11, 79/An-Nazi'at-12, 79/An-Nazi'at-13, 79/An-Nazi'at-14, 79/An-Nazi'at-15, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-30, Page-583, An-Naba' 31-40, An-Nazi'at 1-15
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78/An-Naba'-31: Surely for the owners of piety, there is Salvation (and gain).
Listen Quran: 78/An-Naba'-32
78/An-Naba'-32: There are gardens and vineyards.
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78/An-Naba'-33: And superb statured young girls who are equals in age.
Listen Quran: 78/An-Naba'-34
78/An-Naba'-34: And there are goblets which are full.
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78/An-Naba'-35: They shall not hear therein a vain word nor a lie.
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78/An-Naba'-36: (This is) a reward (blessing) from your Lord according to a reckoning.
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78/An-Naba'-37: (Allah is) the Most-Beneficent Lord of the heavens and the earth and what is between them. (None) have an address from Him.
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78/An-Naba'-38: On that Day the Spirit (of the Imam of the Time) and the angels (that hold the Throne) stand ready in rows. No one can speak except he whom the Most-Beneficent permits. And he (who is permitted) speaks only the rewards.
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78/An-Naba'-39: That Day (when the hand of the Murshid is kissed in order to reach the Truth/Allah and when one has depended on him) is the Day of Truth. The one who wishes (to reach Allah), takes a Way that leads to his Lord (Sıratı Mustakîm, the Path directed to Allah). (Allah) becomes Meab (shelter).
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78/An-Naba'-40: Surely We have warned you of a near torment. On that Day the one shall look at what he presented with his hands. And the disbeliever shall say: “I wish I was dust”.


Listen Quran: 79/An-Nazi'at-1
79/An-Nazi'at-1: By those who pull out with great violence by diving.
Listen Quran: 79/An-Nazi'at-2
79/An-Nazi'at-2: By those who gently (without harming) take out.
Listen Quran: 79/An-Nazi'at-3
79/An-Nazi'at-3: By those that keep on swimming (flowing).
Listen Quran: 79/An-Nazi'at-4
79/An-Nazi'at-4: And also (by) those that get ahead by racing.
Listen Quran: 79/An-Nazi'at-5
79/An-Nazi'at-5: And also (by) those that (fulfill the Order and) manage (govern the Affairs) with command.
Listen Quran: 79/An-Nazi'at-6
79/An-Nazi'at-6: On that Day on which the quaking one shall quake.
Listen Quran: 79/An-Nazi'at-7
79/An-Nazi'at-7: The successor (the second quake) shall follow it (the first quake).
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79/An-Nazi'at-8: Hearts on the Day of Permission shall palpitate (with fear and terror).
Listen Quran: 79/An-Nazi'at-9
79/An-Nazi'at-9: Their looks will be abased in fear.
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79/An-Nazi'at-10: They say: “Shall we indeed be restored (from our graves) to our first state”?
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79/An-Nazi'at-11: When we are rotten, scattered bones?
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79/An-Nazi'at-12: They said: “That (return, resurrection) then is a return with loss”.
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79/An-Nazi'at-13: Yet it (return, resurrection) is only a single Cry.
Listen Quran: 79/An-Nazi'at-14
79/An-Nazi'at-14: By then they are on the surface of the earth.
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79/An-Nazi'at-15: Has there come to you the story of Moses?
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