The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-30, Page-603), Al-Kafirun 1-6, An-Nasr 1-3, Al-Masad 1-5

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-30 » Page-603
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Al-Kafirun: 109/Al-Kafirun-1, 109/Al-Kafirun-2, 109/Al-Kafirun-3, 109/Al-Kafirun-4, 109/Al-Kafirun-5, 109/Al-Kafirun-6, An-Nasr: 110/An-Nasr-1, 110/An-Nasr-2, 110/An-Nasr-3, Al-Masad: 111/Al-Masad-1, 111/Al-Masad-2, 111/Al-Masad-3, 111/Al-Masad-4, 111/Al-Masad-5, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-30, Page-603, Al-Kafirun 1-6, An-Nasr 1-3, Al-Masad 1-5


Listen Quran: 109/Al-Kafirun-1
109/Al-Kafirun-1: Say: “O disbelievers”!
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109/Al-Kafirun-2: I would not worship (become a servant to) that which you worship.
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109/Al-Kafirun-3: Nor would you become a servant (to Allah) Whom I am a servant to.
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109/Al-Kafirun-4: And I shall never worship (become a servant to) what you worship.
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109/Al-Kafirun-5: Nor will you ever become servants (to Allah) Whom I am a servant to.
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109/Al-Kafirun-6: To you be your religion, and to me my Religion.


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110/An-Nasr-1: When Allah’s Help and the conquest comes.
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110/An-Nasr-2: And (when) you see mankind enter in the Religion of Allah group by group.
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110/An-Nasr-3: Then glorify your Lord with praise. And ask His Forgiveness. Surely He is Oft-Forgiving.


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111/Al-Masad-1: The two hands of Abu Lahab dried out and ruined.
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111/Al-Masad-2: His wealth and what he has earned did not benefit him.
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111/Al-Masad-3: He shall be flung into a flaming Fire.
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111/Al-Masad-4: And his wood carrying wife as well.
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111/Al-Masad-5: Around her neck is a rope of Masad (twisted palm fiber).
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