Fussilat 47-54, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-25, Page-482)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-25 » Page-482
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Fussilat: 41/Fussilat-47, 41/Fussilat-48, 41/Fussilat-49, 41/Fussilat-50, 41/Fussilat-51, 41/Fussilat-52, 41/Fussilat-53, 41/Fussilat-54, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-25, Page-482, Fussilat 47-54
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41/Fussilat-47: To Him is turned (belongs) the Knowledge of the Hour (Doomsday). No fruit comes out of its bloom without His Knowledge. No female conceives, nor can she give birth. On the Day when they shall be called out: “Where are My partners”? They shall say: “We declared to You, none of us is a witness”.
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41/Fussilat-48: And those whom they used to call upon before went away from them, and they knew that there is no place to escape for them.
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41/Fussilat-49: Human is never tired of praying for good (asking). If an evil touches him, then he gives up all hope and is lost in despair.
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41/Fussilat-50: And if We make him taste a Mercy from Us after harm has touched him, he says: “This is mine (my right), and I do not think the Hour (of Doomsday) will come to pass. And even if I am brought back to my Lord, certainly in His presence are absolute beautiful things”. Then We will most certainly inform those who disbelieved of what they did, and We will most certainly make them taste of the terrible torment.
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41/Fussilat-51: And when We bestowed a blessing on man, he turned aside and moved away (from thankfulness). And when evil touches him, he prays a lot.
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41/Fussilat-52: Say: “Have you seen? If it (Qur'ân) is from Allah’s presence and then you disbelieved in it, who is in greater Misguidance than he who is in a distant opposition”?
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41/Fussilat-53: We will show them Our Verses in the objectivity (with the eyes of our spirits) and in the subjectivity (with the hearts’ eyes of our souls), that it will become quite clear to them that this is the Truth. Is it not sufficient that your Lord is a Witness over all things?
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41/Fussilat-54: They are surely in doubt as to reaching their Lord (they are dubious about having their spirits reach Allah while they are alive), are they not? He (Allah) encompasses all things (with His Knowledge), does not He?
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