Al-Hijr 1-15, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-14, Page-262)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-14 » Page-262
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Al-Hijr: 15/Al-Hijr-1, 15/Al-Hijr-2, 15/Al-Hijr-3, 15/Al-Hijr-4, 15/Al-Hijr-5, 15/Al-Hijr-6, 15/Al-Hijr-7, 15/Al-Hijr-8, 15/Al-Hijr-9, 15/Al-Hijr-10, 15/Al-Hijr-11, 15/Al-Hijr-12, 15/Al-Hijr-13, 15/Al-Hijr-14, 15/Al-Hijr-15, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-14, Page-262, Al-Hijr 1-15


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15/Al-Hijr-1: Alif-Lâm-Râ. These are Verses of the Book and a clear Qur’ân.
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15/Al-Hijr-2: Most likely; those who disbelieve will wish that ‘they had been Muslims (submitters to Allah)’.
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15/Al-Hijr-3: Leave them! They may eat, enjoy themselves and hope entices them (keeps them busy). But soon they will come to know!
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15/Al-Hijr-4: And never did We destroy a country but there was a known Book for it.
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15/Al-Hijr-5: No nation can advance its end nor delay it.
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15/Al-Hijr-6: And they said: “O you to whom the Zikir (Remembrance) has been sent down! You are most surely insane”.
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15/Al-Hijr-7: Should you not bring to us the angels if you are of the truthful ones?
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15/Al-Hijr-8: We do not send the angels down except with the truth. Then they would not be given time either.
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15/Al-Hijr-9: Surely, We sent down the Zikir (the Qur’ân) and We are surely its Guardian (as well).
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15/Al-Hijr-10: And certainly We sent (Messengers) before you among the previous communities.
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15/Al-Hijr-11: There never came a Messenger to them except they mocked at them.
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15/Al-Hijr-12: Thus do We make it (mocking) to enter into the hearts of the guilty.
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15/Al-Hijr-13: Even though the Sunna (Practice) of the former people has already passed, they do not believe in him (Messenger).
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15/Al-Hijr-14: And even if We open to them a gateway from the heaven so that they ascend into it.
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15/Al-Hijr-15: They would certainly say: “Only our eyes have been covered over (dazzled so we cannot see the reality), rather, we are an enchanted people”.
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