An-Nahl 111-118, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-14, Page-280)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-14 » Page-280
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An-Nahl: 16/An-Nahl-111, 16/An-Nahl-112, 16/An-Nahl-113, 16/An-Nahl-114, 16/An-Nahl-115, 16/An-Nahl-116, 16/An-Nahl-117, 16/An-Nahl-118, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-14, Page-280, An-Nahl 111-118
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16/An-Nahl-111: That day every soul comes. Everyone contends against their own soul (as they see their life film respecting to what degrees they have earned and what degrees they have lost) and every soul is paid in full for what it has done and they are not wronged (negative degrees are not written down for them unjustly).
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16/An-Nahl-112: And Allah set forth an example of a town that is safe (of fear) and well content. Its means of subsistence was coming in abundance from everywhere. But it (the people of the town) became ungrateful to the Blessings of Allah. Therefore Allah caused it to taste the garb of famine and fear because of what they did.
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16/An-Nahl-113: And certainly there came to them a Messenger of their own, but they denied him. So the torment overtook them. And they are the wrongdoers.
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16/An-Nahl-114: So eat of the lawful and good (and clean) things which Allah has provided for you, and give thanks for Allah’s Blessings, if it is He whom you became a servant to.
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16/An-Nahl-115: He has only forbidden you what is dead, blood, flesh of swine and animal which is slaughtered in the name of others than Allah. But if one is forced by necessity (to eat), without willful disobedience, and not transgressing, then, Allah is Oft-Forgiving, the Most Merciful (the One that sends the Glorious light of Mercy).
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16/An-Nahl-116: And do not utter a lie for what your tongues describe: “This is lawful and this is unlawful”, in order to forge a lie against Allah. Surely those who forge a lie against Allah do not attain Salvation.
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16/An-Nahl-117: A little enjoyment (in the world’s life) and for them there is a painful torment.
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16/An-Nahl-118: We prohibited what We have already related to you for the Jews. We did not wrong them, but they used to wrong themselves.
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