An-Nahl 73-79, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-14, Page-275)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-14 » Page-275
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An-Nahl: 16/An-Nahl-73, 16/An-Nahl-74, 16/An-Nahl-75, 16/An-Nahl-76, 16/An-Nahl-77, 16/An-Nahl-78, 16/An-Nahl-79, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-14, Page-275, An-Nahl 73-79
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16/An-Nahl-73: And they (the ones who associate others with Allah) worship (idols) besides Allah that which does not own any sustenance for them from the heavens and the earth, nor have they (idols) any power to do so.
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16/An-Nahl-74: Therefore do not give likenesses to Allah (with idols)! Surely Allah knows and you do not know.
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16/An-Nahl-75: Allah set forth such an example: A servant, the property of another, has no power over anything, and one whom We have granted from Ourselves a goodly sustenance so he spends from it secretly and openly; are the two equal? All praise be to Allah. Nay! Most of them do not know.
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16/An-Nahl-76: And Allah set forth an example of two men: One of them is dumb, not able to do anything and he is a burden to his master; wherever he sends him, he brings no good (benefit). Can he be held equal with him who enjoins what is just (the owner of the post of the Immaterial Maturity-Irshad) and he is on Sıratı Mustakîm (the Path directed towards Allah)?
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16/An-Nahl-77: And Allah’s is the Unseen of the heavens and the earth. And the matter of that Hour is but as the twinkling of an eye, or even faster. Surely Allah has power over all things.
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16/An-Nahl-78: And Allah brought you forth from the wombs of your mothers not knowing anything and He gave you the senses of hearing, seeing and comprehending. It is hoped that you would be grateful.
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16/An-Nahl-79: Did they not see the birds made subservient in the blankness of the skies? None may withhold them but Allah (in the blankness). Most surely there are Verses (proofs) in this for a people who are believers.
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