Az-Zumar 32-40, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-24, Page-462)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-24 » Page-462
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Az-Zumar: 39/Az-Zumar-32, 39/Az-Zumar-33, 39/Az-Zumar-34, 39/Az-Zumar-35, 39/Az-Zumar-36, 39/Az-Zumar-37, 39/Az-Zumar-38, 39/Az-Zumar-39, 39/Az-Zumar-40, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-24, Page-462, Az-Zumar 32-40
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39/Az-Zumar-32: Then who does more wrong then one who utters a lie against Allah and denies the truth (of reaching Allah before death) when it comes to him? Is there not in Hell an abode for the disbelievers?
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39/Az-Zumar-33: And he who comes with the truth (who calls others to make a wish to reach Allah) and he who confirmed it (those who wish to reach Allah before death), they are the owners of piety.
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39/Az-Zumar-34: All that they wished are for them in the presence of their Lord. This is the reward of the Muhsinûn (good-doers).
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39/Az-Zumar-35: Allah covers even the worst of what they did (their sins) and gives them their reward for the best of what they have done (changes their evil deeds into merits).
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39/Az-Zumar-36: Is not Allah Sufficient for His servant? And they seek to frighten you with those besides Him (with other gods, idols). Whomsoever Allah leaves in Misguidance, there is no one to give him Hidayet (Mahdi) for him.
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39/Az-Zumar-37: And whomever Allah delivers to Hidayet, there is none that can make him fall into Misguidance. Is not Allah All-Mighty, Possessor of Revenge?
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39/Az-Zumar-38: And assuredly, if you should ask them: “Who created the heavens and the earth”, they would most certainly say: “Allah”. Say: “Have you then seen what you called upon besides Allah”? If Allah willed some harm for me, could they remove His harm? Or if Allah willed some Mercy for me, could they withhold His mercy, they trust in Him (take Him as a surrogate).
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39/Az-Zumar-39: Say: “O my people! Work in your place (do your best, wherever you are)! Surely I will too. So you will come to know soon”.
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39/Az-Zumar-40: To whom comes a disgracing torment and on whom descends a lasting torment.
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