Az-Zumar 22-31, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-23, Page-461)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-23 » Page-461
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Az-Zumar: 39/Az-Zumar-22, 39/Az-Zumar-23, 39/Az-Zumar-24, 39/Az-Zumar-25, 39/Az-Zumar-26, 39/Az-Zumar-27, 39/Az-Zumar-28, 39/Az-Zumar-29, 39/Az-Zumar-30, 39/Az-Zumar-31, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-23, Page-461, Az-Zumar 22-31
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39/Az-Zumar-22: Whose heart Allah slit for Islam (to submit to Allah) so that he is upon a glorious light from his Lord, is not he? Woe to those whose hearts are darkened (and hardened) from the Remembrance (Dhikr) of Allah! Those are in a manifest Misguidance.
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39/Az-Zumar-23: Allah sent down the most beautiful (among His glorious lights, mercy, virtues and benedictions) ones in pairs (benedictions-mercy and benedictions-virtue) as similar to the Book. With those (glorious lights), the skins of those who have reverence tremble. Then with the Dhikr of Allah (remembering and repeating the Name of Allah), their skins and their hearts (souls’ hearts) get softer (find peace). This is the “HİDAYET” of Allah, delivers with that whomever He wills to Hidayet. And for him whom Allah leaves in Misguidance, there is none who can take him to HİDAYET.
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39/Az-Zumar-24: Then, who may guard his face (his physical body) from the evil torment on the Day of Resurrection? And it will be said to the wrongdoers: “Taste what you have earned (the punishment of your sins)”.
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39/Az-Zumar-25: Those before them belied (too), therefore the torment came to them from whence they did not perceive.
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39/Az-Zumar-26: So Allah made them taste the disgrace in the life of the world, and certainly the torment of the Hereafter is greater. Did they but know!
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39/Az-Zumar-27: And certainly We have set forth to mankind in this Qur’ân examples of every sort. It is hoped that they may deliberate (consider).
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39/Az-Zumar-28: (This is) an Arabic Qur’ân without any crookedness (contradictions, flaws). It is hoped that they may become the owners of piety.
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39/Az-Zumar-29: Allah set forth this example: ‘Is the case of a man who is a partner with several others who are differing one another be same with a man submitting to one man only’? Praise be to Allah. But most of them know not.
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39/Az-Zumar-30: Surely you are subject to death too and they certainly are subject to death as well.
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39/Az-Zumar-31: Then surely on the Day of Resurrection in your Lord’s Presence you will be defendants and plaintiffs.
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