As-Saffat 103-126, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-23, Page-450)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-23 » Page-450
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As-Saffat: 37/As-Saffat-103, 37/As-Saffat-104, 37/As-Saffat-105, 37/As-Saffat-106, 37/As-Saffat-107, 37/As-Saffat-108, 37/As-Saffat-109, 37/As-Saffat-110, 37/As-Saffat-111, 37/As-Saffat-112, 37/As-Saffat-113, 37/As-Saffat-114, 37/As-Saffat-115, 37/As-Saffat-116, 37/As-Saffat-117, 37/As-Saffat-118, 37/As-Saffat-119, 37/As-Saffat-120, 37/As-Saffat-121, 37/As-Saffat-122, 37/As-Saffat-123, 37/As-Saffat-124, 37/As-Saffat-125, 37/As-Saffat-126, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-23, Page-450, As-Saffat 103-126
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37/As-Saffat-103: So when they both submitted (to Allah), (Abraham) put him down upon his forehead.
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37/As-Saffat-104: And We called out to him saying: “O Abraham”!
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37/As-Saffat-105: You have indeed remained faithful to the dream (you have fulfilled the dream). Surely thus do We reward the Muhsinîn (good-doers).
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37/As-Saffat-106: Most surely this is a manifest test.
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37/As-Saffat-107: And We ransomed a great sacrifice for it (for your son).
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37/As-Saffat-108: And We left for him (an honorable remembrance) among the later generations.
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37/As-Saffat-109: Peace be on Abraham.
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37/As-Saffat-110: Thus do We reward the Muhsinîn (good-doers).
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37/As-Saffat-111: Surely he is one of our believing servants (who has obtained all the ranks by wishing to reach Allah).
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37/As-Saffat-112: And We gave him the glad tidings of Isaac, a Prophet of the Salihîn (Improved ones).
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37/As-Saffat-113: And, We blessed (We gave abundance to) him (Abraham) and Isaac. And from both of their offspring are the good-doers and (also) those who plainly wrong themselves.
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37/As-Saffat-114: And certainly We conferred a blessing on Moses and Aaron.
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37/As-Saffat-115: And We delivered them both and their people from the great distress.
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37/As-Saffat-116: And We helped them so they became the victors.
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37/As-Saffat-117: And We gave them both the Book that explained (the truth).
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37/As-Saffat-118: And We made them both reach the Sıratı Mustakîm (the Path directed towards Allah).
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37/As-Saffat-119: And We left for them both (an honorable remembrance) among the later generations.
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37/As-Saffat-120: Peace be on Moses and Aaron.
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37/As-Saffat-121: Thus do We reward the Muhsinîn (good-doers).
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37/As-Saffat-122: Surely they are both of Our believing servants (who have earned all the ranks by wishing to reach Allah before death).
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37/As-Saffat-123: And verily, Iliyâs (Elias) is of the sent (as Messenger).
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37/As-Saffat-124: (Elias) had said to his people: “Will you not be the owners of piety”?
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37/As-Saffat-125: Do you worship Ba’l (who is an idol)? And forsake the best of the creators?
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37/As-Saffat-126: Allah is your and your forefathers’ Lord.
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