As-Saffat 25-51, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-23, Page-447)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-23 » Page-447
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As-Saffat: 37/As-Saffat-25, 37/As-Saffat-26, 37/As-Saffat-27, 37/As-Saffat-28, 37/As-Saffat-29, 37/As-Saffat-30, 37/As-Saffat-31, 37/As-Saffat-32, 37/As-Saffat-33, 37/As-Saffat-34, 37/As-Saffat-35, 37/As-Saffat-36, 37/As-Saffat-37, 37/As-Saffat-38, 37/As-Saffat-39, 37/As-Saffat-40, 37/As-Saffat-41, 37/As-Saffat-42, 37/As-Saffat-43, 37/As-Saffat-44, 37/As-Saffat-45, 37/As-Saffat-46, 37/As-Saffat-47, 37/As-Saffat-48, 37/As-Saffat-49, 37/As-Saffat-50, 37/As-Saffat-51, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-23, Page-447, As-Saffat 25-51
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37/As-Saffat-25: What is the matter with you that you do not help one another?
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37/As-Saffat-26: Nay! They are the submitters today.
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37/As-Saffat-27: And they question one another by turning to one another.
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37/As-Saffat-28: They say (said): “It was you who used to come to us from the right side (as if you were on Allah’s side).
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37/As-Saffat-29: They say (said): “Nay, you were not believers (you did not wish to reach Allah before death)”.
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37/As-Saffat-30: And we had no authority over you, but you were an extravagant people.
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37/As-Saffat-31: So now the Word (of torment) of our Lord has been justified against us. Surely we are the ones who shall taste it (the Torment).
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37/As-Saffat-32: Yes, we led you astray. We were ourselves truly astray.
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37/As-Saffat-33: Then they are on the Day of Permission sharers in the torment.
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37/As-Saffat-34: Surely this is what We do to the guilty.
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37/As-Saffat-35: Surely, when it was said to them: “There is no god but Allah”, they puffed themselves up with pride.
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37/As-Saffat-36: And they say (said): “What! Shall we indeed give up our gods for a mad poet”?
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37/As-Saffat-37: Nay, he has brought the truth and he confirmed the sent Messengers.
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37/As-Saffat-38: Most surely you are the ones who will taste the painful torment.
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37/As-Saffat-39: And you shall not be punished except for what you used to do.
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37/As-Saffat-40: Except the utterly pure servants of Allah (Muhlasîn).
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37/As-Saffat-41: For them is a known sustenance.
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37/As-Saffat-42: Fruits, and they are the offered.
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37/As-Saffat-43: In heaven of Naîm (abundant blessings).
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37/As-Saffat-44: On thrones facing one another.
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37/As-Saffat-45: A cup shall be made to go round them (filled) from water running out of springs.
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37/As-Saffat-46: Clear, delicious to the drinkers.
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37/As-Saffat-47: There is nothing in it that influences the mind nor will they suffer intoxication from it.
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37/As-Saffat-48: And beside them are women who restrain their eyes (turning their eyes only to their husbands) with wide and beautiful eyes.
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37/As-Saffat-49: They are like protected (untouched) eggs.
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37/As-Saffat-50: Then they question mutually turning to one another.
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37/As-Saffat-51: A speaker of them say (said): “Verily, I had a companion”.
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