Az-Zumar 11-21, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-23, Page-460)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-23 » Page-460
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Az-Zumar: 39/Az-Zumar-11, 39/Az-Zumar-12, 39/Az-Zumar-13, 39/Az-Zumar-14, 39/Az-Zumar-15, 39/Az-Zumar-16, 39/Az-Zumar-17, 39/Az-Zumar-18, 39/Az-Zumar-19, 39/Az-Zumar-20, 39/Az-Zumar-21, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-23, Page-460, Az-Zumar 11-21
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39/Az-Zumar-11: Say: “Certainly I am commanded that I should become a servant to Allah, making the religion pure for Him”.
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39/Az-Zumar-12: And I am commanded to be the first of those who is submitted.
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39/Az-Zumar-13: Say: “If I rebel against my Lord, I fear the torment of a great Day”.
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39/Az-Zumar-14: Say: “I become a servant to Allah, making my religion pure for Him”.
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39/Az-Zumar-15: Worship then what you like besides Him. Say: “Surely those who make themselves and their families fall into Loss are those who will be exposed to Loss on the Day of Resurrection”. Is not this a clear Loss?
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39/Az-Zumar-16: For them there are shadows (coverings) of Fire, above them and shadows beneath them. Just like that Allah frightens His servants with that. O My servants! Therefore have piety towards Me.
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39/Az-Zumar-17: And those who saved themselves from being servants to At-Tâghût (human and jinn Satans). Because they turned to Allah (they wished to reach Allah while alive). For them there are glad tidings. Therefore give good tidings to My servants!
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39/Az-Zumar-18: They listen to the Word, then follow the best of it. Those are they whom Allah caused to attain Hidayet. And those it is who are ûli’l elbâb (the owners of the continuous Dhikr, the owners of the secret divine treasures).
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39/Az-Zumar-19: Then if the Word of the torment is justified upon one, can you rescue him who is in the Fire?
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39/Az-Zumar-20: But those who have piety towards their Lord, for them are built lofty mansions (high ranks) one above another under which the rivers flow. The Promise of Allah that Allah never fails in His Promise.
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39/Az-Zumar-21: Have you not seen that Allah sends down water from the sky, and then makes it to join the springs? Then brings forth therewith crops of various colors. Then it withers so that you see it yellow. Then He makes it a dry stick. Most surely there is indeed a reminder (lesson) for ûli’l elbâb (the owners of the continuous Dhikr, the owners of the secret treasures of Allah).
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