Sad 17-26, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-23, Page-454)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-23 » Page-454
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Sad: 38/Sad-17, 38/Sad-18, 38/Sad-19, 38/Sad-20, 38/Sad-21, 38/Sad-22, 38/Sad-23, 38/Sad-24, 38/Sad-25, 38/Sad-26, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-23, Page-454, Sad 17-26
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38/Sad-17: Be patient of what they say, and remember Our servant David, the possessor of power. He was certainly Evvâb (He had reached Allah).
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38/Sad-18: Surely We made the mountains subservient to him. They glorified (Us) with him at sunrise and nightfall.
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38/Sad-19: And (We made) the birds gathered together (subservient to him too). They were all Evvâb (all had turned to Him and taken refuge in Him).
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38/Sad-20: And We strengthened his dominion and We gave him wisdom and Fasl-ı Hitâb (the ability to address to audience and to judge with justice by distinguishing the right from wrong).
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38/Sad-21: And has the news of the litigants come to you? They had made an entry into the private chamber (David’s praying place) by climbing over the walls.
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38/Sad-22: When they burst in upon David, he was frightened at them. “Do not fear! We are two litigants, of whom one has acted wrongfully towards the other. Therefore decide between us with justice! Do not be extravagant (do not be unjust)! Make us reach the middle course (the just solution)”.
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38/Sad-23: Surely this is my brother. He has ninety-nine sheep and I have a single sheep. Yet he said: “Make it over to me (give that to me too)”, and he has prevailed against me in speech.
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38/Sad-24: He (David) said: “Surely he has wronged you in demanding your sheep in addition to his. And most surely most of the partners act wrongfully towards one another. Except those who believe (who wish to reach Allah while they are alive) and do improving deeds (do the soul’s cleansing). And very few are they! And David guessed that we had tried him. So he sought Forgiveness of his Lord and he fell down prostrate. And he turned to his Lord (he has reached his Lord with his words and seeing Him, and received an answer).
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38/Sad-25: Therefore We forgave him (in this matter). Most surely he has a high rank in Our Presence and an excellent refuge (resort).
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38/Sad-26: O David! Surely We have made you a vicegerent in the earth. So rule between mankind with justice and do not follow the low desires (the soul) lest it should lead you astray from the Way of Allah. As for those who go astray from the Way of Allah, there is for them a severe torment because they forgot the Day of Reckoning.
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