An-Naba' 1-30, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-30, Page-582)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-30 » Page-582
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An-Naba': 78/An-Naba'-1, 78/An-Naba'-2, 78/An-Naba'-3, 78/An-Naba'-4, 78/An-Naba'-5, 78/An-Naba'-6, 78/An-Naba'-7, 78/An-Naba'-8, 78/An-Naba'-9, 78/An-Naba'-10, 78/An-Naba'-11, 78/An-Naba'-12, 78/An-Naba'-13, 78/An-Naba'-14, 78/An-Naba'-15, 78/An-Naba'-16, 78/An-Naba'-17, 78/An-Naba'-18, 78/An-Naba'-19, 78/An-Naba'-20, 78/An-Naba'-21, 78/An-Naba'-22, 78/An-Naba'-23, 78/An-Naba'-24, 78/An-Naba'-25, 78/An-Naba'-26, 78/An-Naba'-27, 78/An-Naba'-28, 78/An-Naba'-29, 78/An-Naba'-30, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-30, Page-582, An-Naba' 1-30


Listen Quran: 78/An-Naba'-1
78/An-Naba'-1: What is it that they ask one another?
Listen Quran: 78/An-Naba'-2
78/An-Naba'-2: About the great news.
Listen Quran: 78/An-Naba'-3
78/An-Naba'-3: That they are in disagreement about it.
Listen Quran: 78/An-Naba'-4
78/An-Naba'-4: Nay, they shall soon know.
Listen Quran: 78/An-Naba'-5
78/An-Naba'-5: Then, nay, they shall soon know.
Listen Quran: 78/An-Naba'-6
78/An-Naba'-6: Have We not made the earth a mattress?
Listen Quran: 78/An-Naba'-7
78/An-Naba'-7: And (made) the mountains as pegs (that keep the earth in its place)?
Listen Quran: 78/An-Naba'-8
78/An-Naba'-8: And We created you in pairs
Listen Quran: 78/An-Naba'-9
78/An-Naba'-9: And We made your sleep a time to rest.
Listen Quran: 78/An-Naba'-10
78/An-Naba'-10: And We made the night a cover.
Listen Quran: 78/An-Naba'-11
78/An-Naba'-11: And We made the day a time for subsistence.
Listen Quran: 78/An-Naba'-12
78/An-Naba'-12: And We built above you seven strong layers.
Listen Quran: 78/An-Naba'-13
78/An-Naba'-13: And We made (therein) a lamp shining brilliant.
Listen Quran: 78/An-Naba'-14
78/An-Naba'-14: And We send down water from the rain the clouds pouring forth robustly.
Listen Quran: 78/An-Naba'-15
78/An-Naba'-15: That We may bring forth therewith grains and vegetations.
Listen Quran: 78/An-Naba'-16
78/An-Naba'-16: (To have) vineyards and gardens hugging (within) each other.
Listen Quran: 78/An-Naba'-17
78/An-Naba'-17: Surely the Day of Sorting was a decreed time (earlier).
Listen Quran: 78/An-Naba'-18
78/An-Naba'-18: The Day on which the Trumpet is blown, so you shall come forth in groups.
Listen Quran: 78/An-Naba'-19
78/An-Naba'-19: And the sky is opened, hence the gates are formed.
Listen Quran: 78/An-Naba'-20
78/An-Naba'-20: And the mountains are moved off, hence became a mirage.
Listen Quran: 78/An-Naba'-21
78/An-Naba'-21: Surely Hell has become visible (place of punishment).
Listen Quran: 78/An-Naba'-22
78/An-Naba'-22: A place of refuge for the extravagant.
Listen Quran: 78/An-Naba'-23
78/An-Naba'-23: (They are the ones) to remain in there for all times.
Listen Quran: 78/An-Naba'-24
78/An-Naba'-24: They do not taste therein a coolness nor a drink.
Listen Quran: 78/An-Naba'-25
78/An-Naba'-25: Except dirty wound discharge and boiling water.
Listen Quran: 78/An-Naba'-26
78/An-Naba'-26: As a suitable recompense.
Listen Quran: 78/An-Naba'-27
78/An-Naba'-27: Surely they were not expecting a Reckoning.
Listen Quran: 78/An-Naba'-28
78/An-Naba'-28: And called Our Verses a lie, contradicting it.
Listen Quran: 78/An-Naba'-29
78/An-Naba'-29: And We have counted (recorded) writing it.
Listen Quran: 78/An-Naba'-30
78/An-Naba'-30: Go ahead and taste (the torment)! We shall not increase you except in torment.
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