The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-30, Page-589), Al-Mutaffifin 35-36, Al-Inshiqaq 1-25

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-30 » Page-589
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Al-Mutaffifin: 83/Al-Mutaffifin-35, 83/Al-Mutaffifin-36, Al-Inshiqaq: 84/Al-Inshiqaq-1, 84/Al-Inshiqaq-2, 84/Al-Inshiqaq-3, 84/Al-Inshiqaq-4, 84/Al-Inshiqaq-5, 84/Al-Inshiqaq-6, 84/Al-Inshiqaq-7, 84/Al-Inshiqaq-8, 84/Al-Inshiqaq-9, 84/Al-Inshiqaq-10, 84/Al-Inshiqaq-11, 84/Al-Inshiqaq-12, 84/Al-Inshiqaq-13, 84/Al-Inshiqaq-14, 84/Al-Inshiqaq-15, 84/Al-Inshiqaq-16, 84/Al-Inshiqaq-17, 84/Al-Inshiqaq-18, 84/Al-Inshiqaq-19, 84/Al-Inshiqaq-20, 84/Al-Inshiqaq-21, 84/Al-Inshiqaq-22, 84/Al-Inshiqaq-23, 84/Al-Inshiqaq-24, 84/Al-Inshiqaq-25, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-30, Page-589, Al-Mutaffifin 35-36, Al-Inshiqaq 1-25
Listen Quran: 83/Al-Mutaffifin-35
83/Al-Mutaffifin-35: They watch (sitting) on thrones.
Listen Quran: 83/Al-Mutaffifin-36
83/Al-Mutaffifin-36: Did the disbelievers find their punishment (for) what they used to do?


Listen Quran: 84/Al-Inshiqaq-1
84/Al-Inshiqaq-1: When the sky is split open.
Listen Quran: 84/Al-Inshiqaq-2
84/Al-Inshiqaq-2: And it obeyed its Lord and realized.
Listen Quran: 84/Al-Inshiqaq-3
84/Al-Inshiqaq-3: And when the earth is stretched forth and became leveled.
Listen Quran: 84/Al-Inshiqaq-4
84/Al-Inshiqaq-4: And it cast forth (out) what is in it and became empty.
Listen Quran: 84/Al-Inshiqaq-5
84/Al-Inshiqaq-5: And it obeyed its Lord and realized.
Listen Quran: 84/Al-Inshiqaq-6
84/Al-Inshiqaq-6: O human! Surely you struggle (against your soul) with a hard struggling (to attain) to your Lord. In the end, you reach Him (you have your spirit reach Allah).
Listen Quran: 84/Al-Inshiqaq-7
84/Al-Inshiqaq-7: But as to him who is given his book (his life film) from his right hand side.
Listen Quran: 84/Al-Inshiqaq-8
84/Al-Inshiqaq-8: He shall be reckoned with by an easy reckoning.
Listen Quran: 84/Al-Inshiqaq-9
84/Al-Inshiqaq-9: And shall go back to his people in joy.
Listen Quran: 84/Al-Inshiqaq-10
84/Al-Inshiqaq-10: And as to him who is given his book (his life film) from his back.
Listen Quran: 84/Al-Inshiqaq-11
84/Al-Inshiqaq-11: He shall call for death immediately (will pray for his own destruction).
Listen Quran: 84/Al-Inshiqaq-12
84/Al-Inshiqaq-12: And he shall lean on (thrown in) the blazing Fire.
Listen Quran: 84/Al-Inshiqaq-13
84/Al-Inshiqaq-13: Verily, he was (in the world) among his people in joy!
Listen Quran: 84/Al-Inshiqaq-14
84/Al-Inshiqaq-14: Surely he thought that he would never return (to Allah).
Listen Quran: 84/Al-Inshiqaq-15
84/Al-Inshiqaq-15: Nay (that’s not the case)! Surely his Lord does ever see him.
Listen Quran: 84/Al-Inshiqaq-16
84/Al-Inshiqaq-16: After that, Nay! I swear by dawn.
Listen Quran: 84/Al-Inshiqaq-17
84/Al-Inshiqaq-17: And (I swear) to the night and whatever it covers (possesses).
Listen Quran: 84/Al-Inshiqaq-18
84/Al-Inshiqaq-18: And (I swear) to the moon when its glorious light is completed (when it becomes a full moon).
Listen Quran: 84/Al-Inshiqaq-19
84/Al-Inshiqaq-19: Surely you will ride from one layer to another (will go through levels of heavens).
Listen Quran: 84/Al-Inshiqaq-20
84/Al-Inshiqaq-20: So what is the matter with them that they do not believe?
Listen Quran: 84/Al-Inshiqaq-21
84/Al-Inshiqaq-21: And when the Qur’ân is recited to them they do not fall prostrate.
Listen Quran: 84/Al-Inshiqaq-22
84/Al-Inshiqaq-22: Nay! Those who deny (disbelievers) belie.
Listen Quran: 84/Al-Inshiqaq-23
84/Al-Inshiqaq-23: And Allah knows best what (their denials, enmity) they hide (in their hearts).
Listen Quran: 84/Al-Inshiqaq-24
84/Al-Inshiqaq-24: So announce to them a painful torment.
Listen Quran: 84/Al-Inshiqaq-25
84/Al-Inshiqaq-25: However those who believe (who wish to reach Allah while they are alive) and do improving deeds (that cleanses the souls’ hearts); for them is a reward that shall never end.
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