The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-30, Page-592), Al-A'la 16-19, Al-Ghashiyah 1-26

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-30 » Page-592
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Al-A'la: 87/Al-A'la-16, 87/Al-A'la-17, 87/Al-A'la-18, 87/Al-A'la-19, Al-Ghashiyah: 88/Al-Ghashiyah-1, 88/Al-Ghashiyah-2, 88/Al-Ghashiyah-3, 88/Al-Ghashiyah-4, 88/Al-Ghashiyah-5, 88/Al-Ghashiyah-6, 88/Al-Ghashiyah-7, 88/Al-Ghashiyah-8, 88/Al-Ghashiyah-9, 88/Al-Ghashiyah-10, 88/Al-Ghashiyah-11, 88/Al-Ghashiyah-12, 88/Al-Ghashiyah-13, 88/Al-Ghashiyah-14, 88/Al-Ghashiyah-15, 88/Al-Ghashiyah-16, 88/Al-Ghashiyah-17, 88/Al-Ghashiyah-18, 88/Al-Ghashiyah-19, 88/Al-Ghashiyah-20, 88/Al-Ghashiyah-21, 88/Al-Ghashiyah-22, 88/Al-Ghashiyah-23, 88/Al-Ghashiyah-24, 88/Al-Ghashiyah-25, 88/Al-Ghashiyah-26, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-30, Page-592, Al-A'la 16-19, Al-Ghashiyah 1-26
Listen Quran: 87/Al-A'la-16
87/Al-A'la-16: Nay! You prefer the life of this world.
Listen Quran: 87/Al-A'la-17
87/Al-A'la-17: And the life of the Hereafter is better and lasting.
Listen Quran: 87/Al-A'la-18
87/Al-A'la-18: Most surely this is indeed in the former Pages as well.
Listen Quran: 87/Al-A'la-19
87/Al-A'la-19: In the pages of Abraham and Moses.


Listen Quran: 88/Al-Ghashiyah-1
88/Al-Ghashiyah-1: Has the news of Gâshiyeh (the terrible disaster that will envelop and surround all) come to you?
Listen Quran: 88/Al-Ghashiyah-2
88/Al-Ghashiyah-2: On the Day of Permission, there are faces that are disgraced.
Listen Quran: 88/Al-Ghashiyah-3
88/Al-Ghashiyah-3: Doing tiring things.
Listen Quran: 88/Al-Ghashiyah-4
88/Al-Ghashiyah-4: (They will be) flung into a hot blazing Fire.
Listen Quran: 88/Al-Ghashiyah-5
88/Al-Ghashiyah-5: (They will be) made to drink from a boiling spring.
Listen Quran: 88/Al-Ghashiyah-6
88/Al-Ghashiyah-6: Their food is nothing but Dari (bitter, stinking thorny tree).
Listen Quran: 88/Al-Ghashiyah-7
88/Al-Ghashiyah-7: Neither nourishing nor filling against hunger.
Listen Quran: 88/Al-Ghashiyah-8
88/Al-Ghashiyah-8: On the Day of Permission there are beautiful and bright faces.
Listen Quran: 88/Al-Ghashiyah-9
88/Al-Ghashiyah-9: Well-pleased (with their work in the world).
Listen Quran: 88/Al-Ghashiyah-10
88/Al-Ghashiyah-10: (They will be) in a lofty heaven.
Listen Quran: 88/Al-Ghashiyah-11
88/Al-Ghashiyah-11: Wherein you shall not hear vain talk.
Listen Quran: 88/Al-Ghashiyah-12
88/Al-Ghashiyah-12: Therein is a constantly running spring.
Listen Quran: 88/Al-Ghashiyah-13
88/Al-Ghashiyah-13: Therein are thrones raised high.
Listen Quran: 88/Al-Ghashiyah-14
88/Al-Ghashiyah-14: And goblets set (before them).
Listen Quran: 88/Al-Ghashiyah-15
88/Al-Ghashiyah-15: And cushions set in rows.
Listen Quran: 88/Al-Ghashiyah-16
88/Al-Ghashiyah-16: And embellished, valuable carpets that are spread out.
Listen Quran: 88/Al-Ghashiyah-17
88/Al-Ghashiyah-17: Do they still not look at the camel, how it had been created?
Listen Quran: 88/Al-Ghashiyah-18
88/Al-Ghashiyah-18: And the sky, how it had been raised?
Listen Quran: 88/Al-Ghashiyah-19
88/Al-Ghashiyah-19: And the mountains, how they had been placed vertically?
Listen Quran: 88/Al-Ghashiyah-20
88/Al-Ghashiyah-20: And the earth, how it had been surfaced (don’t they look)?
Listen Quran: 88/Al-Ghashiyah-21
88/Al-Ghashiyah-21: So do remind, for you are only a reminder.
Listen Quran: 88/Al-Ghashiyah-22
88/Al-Ghashiyah-22: You are not a compeller over them.
Listen Quran: 88/Al-Ghashiyah-23
88/Al-Ghashiyah-23: However, whoever turns (his back) and denies.
Listen Quran: 88/Al-Ghashiyah-24
88/Al-Ghashiyah-24: Then, Allah torments him with the greatest torment.
Listen Quran: 88/Al-Ghashiyah-25
88/Al-Ghashiyah-25: Surely to Us is their return.
Listen Quran: 88/Al-Ghashiyah-26
88/Al-Ghashiyah-26: Then surely upon Us is their reckoning.
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