An-Nazi'at 16-46, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-30, Page-584)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-30 » Page-584
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An-Nazi'at: 79/An-Nazi'at-16, 79/An-Nazi'at-17, 79/An-Nazi'at-18, 79/An-Nazi'at-19, 79/An-Nazi'at-20, 79/An-Nazi'at-21, 79/An-Nazi'at-22, 79/An-Nazi'at-23, 79/An-Nazi'at-24, 79/An-Nazi'at-25, 79/An-Nazi'at-26, 79/An-Nazi'at-27, 79/An-Nazi'at-28, 79/An-Nazi'at-29, 79/An-Nazi'at-30, 79/An-Nazi'at-31, 79/An-Nazi'at-32, 79/An-Nazi'at-33, 79/An-Nazi'at-34, 79/An-Nazi'at-35, 79/An-Nazi'at-36, 79/An-Nazi'at-37, 79/An-Nazi'at-38, 79/An-Nazi'at-39, 79/An-Nazi'at-40, 79/An-Nazi'at-41, 79/An-Nazi'at-42, 79/An-Nazi'at-43, 79/An-Nazi'at-44, 79/An-Nazi'at-45, 79/An-Nazi'at-46, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-30, Page-584, An-Nazi'at 16-46
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79/An-Nazi'at-16: His Lord had called out to him in the sacred valley of Tûwâ.
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79/An-Nazi'at-17: Go to Pharaoh, surely he has transgressed.
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79/An-Nazi'at-18: And tell him that: “Would you like to be cleansed (cleanse your soul’s heart)”?
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79/An-Nazi'at-19: And say: “Let me deliver you to your Lord (to Hidayet)”. So that you be the owner of reverence.
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79/An-Nazi'at-20: Then showed him a Mighty Miracle.
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79/An-Nazi'at-21: But he (Pharaoh) belied and rebelled became a rebel.
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79/An-Nazi'at-22: Then he turned his back in haste.
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79/An-Nazi'at-23: He gathered (his people) and called out (to them).
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79/An-Nazi'at-24: Then he (Pharaoh) said: “I am your Mighty Lord”.
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79/An-Nazi'at-25: So Allah seized and ruined him with the torment of life and the Hereafter.
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79/An-Nazi'at-26: Most surely there is in this a lesson for whosoever is in awe.
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79/An-Nazi'at-27: In regards to creation, are you stronger or the sky he constructed upon you (is it harder to create you or the sky He created above you)?
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79/An-Nazi'at-28: He raised its (sky’s) ceiling (increased the height of it). Then designed and organized it.
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79/An-Nazi'at-29: And He made dark its night and brought out its light.
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79/An-Nazi'at-30: And the earth, He spread and furnished it after that.
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79/An-Nazi'at-31: He brought forth from it its water and its vegetation.
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79/An-Nazi'at-32: And the mountains, He placed them firm into it (earth).
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79/An-Nazi'at-33: To be a benefit for you and your animal.
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79/An-Nazi'at-34: But when that great (intolerable) calamity (the Doomsday) comes.
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79/An-Nazi'at-35: That Day the man thinks what he worked for (what he had done).
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79/An-Nazi'at-36: And the blazing Fire (hell) had been shown clearly to the one who shall see it.
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79/An-Nazi'at-37: But whoever has transgressed the bounds (exceeded the limits).
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79/An-Nazi'at-38: And preferred the life of the world.
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79/An-Nazi'at-39: Then surely the flaming Fire (hell) that is the Abode.
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79/An-Nazi'at-40: And but whomever feared the Post of his Lord and restrained his soul from its low desires (did not follow his low desires).
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79/An-Nazi'at-41: Then surely heaven that is the Abode.
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79/An-Nazi'at-42: They ask you about that Hour (Doomsday): “When will it come”?
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79/An-Nazi'at-43: What do you have (other than) from its mentioning? (You have no other knowledge than declaring it).
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79/An-Nazi'at-44: To your Lord is the end of it.
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79/An-Nazi'at-45: You are only a Warner to those who have reverence to Him, fear Him.
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79/An-Nazi'at-46: On that Day which they shall see it (the Doomsday) (it will be) they become as if they had remained only (as long as) the latter part of a day or the early part of it (midmorning).
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