The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-30, Page-595), Ash-Shams 1-15, Al-Layl 1-14

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-30 » Page-595
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Ash-Shams: 91/Ash-Shams-1, 91/Ash-Shams-2, 91/Ash-Shams-3, 91/Ash-Shams-4, 91/Ash-Shams-5, 91/Ash-Shams-6, 91/Ash-Shams-7, 91/Ash-Shams-8, 91/Ash-Shams-9, 91/Ash-Shams-10, 91/Ash-Shams-11, 91/Ash-Shams-12, 91/Ash-Shams-13, 91/Ash-Shams-14, 91/Ash-Shams-15, Al-Layl: 92/Al-Layl-1, 92/Al-Layl-2, 92/Al-Layl-3, 92/Al-Layl-4, 92/Al-Layl-5, 92/Al-Layl-6, 92/Al-Layl-7, 92/Al-Layl-8, 92/Al-Layl-9, 92/Al-Layl-10, 92/Al-Layl-11, 92/Al-Layl-12, 92/Al-Layl-13, 92/Al-Layl-14, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-30, Page-595, Ash-Shams 1-15, Al-Layl 1-14


Listen Quran: 91/Ash-Shams-1
91/Ash-Shams-1: By the sun and its midmorning (its radiating brightness).
Listen Quran: 91/Ash-Shams-2
91/Ash-Shams-2: And to the moon when it follows it (the sun).
Listen Quran: 91/Ash-Shams-3
91/Ash-Shams-3: And to the day when it displays it (the sun).
Listen Quran: 91/Ash-Shams-4
91/Ash-Shams-4: To the night when it covers it (and removes its rays).
Listen Quran: 91/Ash-Shams-5
91/Ash-Shams-5: And to the sky and the One Who built it.
Listen Quran: 91/Ash-Shams-6
91/Ash-Shams-6: And to the earth and the One Who spread it, extended it and made it livable.
Listen Quran: 91/Ash-Shams-7
91/Ash-Shams-7: And (by) the soul and the One Who designed it (so that it can transfer to the best within seven stages).
Listen Quran: 91/Ash-Shams-8
91/Ash-Shams-8: Then He inspired it (the soul) its Fujûr (wickedness) and its Takwâ (piety).
Listen Quran: 91/Ash-Shams-9
91/Ash-Shams-9: Whoever had cleansed it (his soul’s heart) had reached Salvation.
Listen Quran: 91/Ash-Shams-10
91/Ash-Shams-10: And whoever had tried to cover its (his soul’s) vices (had not cleansed his soul), had been in Loss.
Listen Quran: 91/Ash-Shams-11
91/Ash-Shams-11: (The people of) Thamûd belied (Allah’s Messenger) because of their depravity.
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91/Ash-Shams-12: When the most ungrateful of it (the city) rose up (to slaughter the camel).
Listen Quran: 91/Ash-Shams-13
91/Ash-Shams-13: Then Allah’s Rasul (Messenger) said to them: “That is Allah’s camel and give its water (comply with its turn of drinking)”.
Listen Quran: 91/Ash-Shams-14
91/Ash-Shams-14: But they denied him. Then they slaughtered her (the camel). Their Lord covered them with torment for their sin. Then leveled it (the city).
Listen Quran: 91/Ash-Shams-15
91/Ash-Shams-15: And He (Allah) is not the One to fear its (the city’s) consequence (ruining).


Listen Quran: 92/Al-Layl-1
92/Al-Layl-1: By the night when it is about to envelop.
Listen Quran: 92/Al-Layl-2
92/Al-Layl-2: And to the day at the time it becomes manifest (when it begins to brighten up).
Listen Quran: 92/Al-Layl-3
92/Al-Layl-3: And (by) the One who created the male and the female.
Listen Quran: 92/Al-Layl-4
92/Al-Layl-4: Your effort (your striving) is most surely scattered (various).
Listen Quran: 92/Al-Layl-5
92/Al-Layl-5: But whoever gave (for Allah’s cause) and became the owner of piety.
Listen Quran: 92/Al-Layl-6
92/Al-Layl-6: And confirmed Al-Husnâ (seeing Allah’s Essence).
Listen Quran: 92/Al-Layl-7
92/Al-Layl-7: Then We will make it easy for him (in order that He may see the Essence of Allah).
Listen Quran: 92/Al-Layl-8
92/Al-Layl-8: And but as for him who turned stingy and considered himself self-sufficient (wealthy, free of any needs).
Listen Quran: 92/Al-Layl-9
92/Al-Layl-9: And belied Al-Husnâ (seeing the Essence of Allah).
Listen Quran: 92/Al-Layl-10
92/Al-Layl-10: Then, We will make for him easy which is the most difficult (the way that leads to evil).
Listen Quran: 92/Al-Layl-11
92/Al-Layl-11: And his wealth does not avail him when he is ruined.
Listen Quran: 92/Al-Layl-12
92/Al-Layl-12: Most surely, it is on Us to deliver to Hidayet.
Listen Quran: 92/Al-Layl-13
92/Al-Layl-13: And most surely Ours is the First and the Last (the Hereafter).
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92/Al-Layl-14: Here I warned you with a Fire that its burning power ever increases.
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