Al-Fajr 1-23, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-30, Page-593)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-30 » Page-593
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Al-Fajr: 89/Al-Fajr-1, 89/Al-Fajr-2, 89/Al-Fajr-3, 89/Al-Fajr-4, 89/Al-Fajr-5, 89/Al-Fajr-6, 89/Al-Fajr-7, 89/Al-Fajr-8, 89/Al-Fajr-9, 89/Al-Fajr-10, 89/Al-Fajr-11, 89/Al-Fajr-12, 89/Al-Fajr-13, 89/Al-Fajr-14, 89/Al-Fajr-15, 89/Al-Fajr-16, 89/Al-Fajr-17, 89/Al-Fajr-18, 89/Al-Fajr-19, 89/Al-Fajr-20, 89/Al-Fajr-21, 89/Al-Fajr-22, 89/Al-Fajr-23, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-30, Page-593, Al-Fajr 1-23


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89/Al-Fajr-1: By the dawn.
Listen Quran: 89/Al-Fajr-2
89/Al-Fajr-2: And by ten nights.
Listen Quran: 89/Al-Fajr-3
89/Al-Fajr-3: And by the pair and the single.
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89/Al-Fajr-4: And (by) the night when it is about to pass away.
Listen Quran: 89/Al-Fajr-5
89/Al-Fajr-5: Is there not in that an oath for those who are mindful?
Listen Quran: 89/Al-Fajr-6
89/Al-Fajr-6: Have you not seen what your Lord did to the people of Âd?
Listen Quran: 89/Al-Fajr-7
89/Al-Fajr-7: To the city of Iram with many pillars?
Listen Quran: 89/Al-Fajr-8
89/Al-Fajr-8: Nothing like it (the city of Iram) was created amongst the other cities.
Listen Quran: 89/Al-Fajr-9
89/Al-Fajr-9: And to (the people of) Thamûd who hewed out the rocks in the valleys.
Listen Quran: 89/Al-Fajr-10
89/Al-Fajr-10: And (what He did) to the Pharaoh, the owner of stakes.
Listen Quran: 89/Al-Fajr-11
89/Al-Fajr-11: That they were rampant in the cities (lands).
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89/Al-Fajr-12: So they increased mischief therein.
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89/Al-Fajr-13: Therefore your Lord whipped them the whip of torment.
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89/Al-Fajr-14: Most surely your Lord is indeed the most Watchful.
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89/Al-Fajr-15: And as for human, whenever his Lord tries him, then treats him with generosity and bestows blessings on him, then he says: “My Lord has honored me generously.
Listen Quran: 89/Al-Fajr-16
89/Al-Fajr-16: And but when he tries him, then gives his sustenance in a measure (straitens it), then he says: “My Lord has betrayed me”.
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89/Al-Fajr-17: Nay! Indeed you do not offer to the orphan.
Listen Quran: 89/Al-Fajr-18
89/Al-Fajr-18: Nor do you encourage one another to feed the needy.
Listen Quran: 89/Al-Fajr-19
89/Al-Fajr-19: And you eat away the inheritance, devouring with greed.
Listen Quran: 89/Al-Fajr-20
89/Al-Fajr-20: And you love wealth with an exceeding love.
Listen Quran: 89/Al-Fajr-21
89/Al-Fajr-21: Nay! When the earth is made to crumble into pieces and scatter.
Listen Quran: 89/Al-Fajr-22
89/Al-Fajr-22: And when your Lord comes and the angles get into in rows.
Listen Quran: 89/Al-Fajr-23
89/Al-Fajr-23: And that Day (of Permission) hell had been brought near. On that Day (of Permission) human remembers (becomes mindful) and how this remembrance (being mindful) avail him?
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