The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-30, Page-602), Quraysh 1-4, Al-Ma'un 1-7, Al-Kawthar 1-3

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-30 » Page-602
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Quraysh: 106/Quraysh-1, 106/Quraysh-2, 106/Quraysh-3, 106/Quraysh-4, Al-Ma'un: 107/Al-Ma'un-1, 107/Al-Ma'un-2, 107/Al-Ma'un-3, 107/Al-Ma'un-4, 107/Al-Ma'un-5, 107/Al-Ma'un-6, 107/Al-Ma'un-7, Al-Kawthar: 108/Al-Kawthar-1, 108/Al-Kawthar-2, 108/Al-Kawthar-3, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-30, Page-602, Quraysh 1-4, Al-Ma'un 1-7, Al-Kawthar 1-3


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106/Quraysh-1: As He ensured the security (and comfort) of Quraish.
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106/Quraysh-2: (For) He ensured their security (and comfort) during their winter and summer journeys (migration).
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106/Quraysh-3: So let them become servants to the Lord of this House (the Ka’bah in Makkah).
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106/Quraysh-4: That He has fed them against hunger and has made them safe from fear.


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107/Al-Ma'un-1: Have you seen him who belied the Religion?
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107/Al-Ma'un-2: Yet he is who abuses the orphan.
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107/Al-Ma'un-3: And does not encourage to feed the needy (the poor, the one who is unable to work).
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107/Al-Ma'un-4: So woe to those who perform prayers.
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107/Al-Ma'un-5: They are the ones who are unmindful of their prayers.
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107/Al-Ma'un-6: They are the ones who put up a show.
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107/Al-Ma'un-7: And prevent Al-Mâ’ûn (the mutual assistance and the poor-rate).


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108/Al-Kawthar-1: Surely We have given you Al-Kauthar.
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108/Al-Kawthar-2: Therefore, pray for your Lord and slaughter an animal.
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108/Al-Kawthar-3: Surely he who hates you (stating that you do not have future off-springs) is the one who is Ebter (does not have future off-springs).
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