The Noble Qur'an - Juz'

The Noble Qur'an
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There are various ways of dividing the Quran into parts of approximately equal length for convenience in reading. The most used dividing system is Juz'. There are 30 Juz' in Qur'an to read throught the entire Qur'an in a month.Juz'-1, Juz'-2, Juz'-3, Juz'-4, Juz'-5, Juz'-6, Juz'-7, Juz'-8, Juz'-9, Juz'-10, Juz'-11, Juz'-12, Juz'-13, Juz'-14, Juz'-15, Juz'-16, Juz'-17, Juz'-18, Juz'-19, Juz'-20, Juz'-21, Juz'-22, Juz'-23, Juz'-24, Juz'-25, Juz'-26, Juz'-27, Juz'-28, Juz'-29, Juz'-30,
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The Noble Qur'an
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