Al-Furqan 12-20, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-19, Page-361)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-19 » Page-361
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Al-Furqan: 25/Al-Furqan-12, 25/Al-Furqan-13, 25/Al-Furqan-14, 25/Al-Furqan-15, 25/Al-Furqan-16, 25/Al-Furqan-17, 25/Al-Furqan-18, 25/Al-Furqan-19, 25/Al-Furqan-20, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-19, Page-361, Al-Furqan 12-20
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25/Al-Furqan-12: When (Hell) saw them from a distance, they heard its vehement raging and roaring.
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25/Al-Furqan-13: And when they were cast into a narrow place thereof, tied together, they asked for destruction (to disappear).
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25/Al-Furqan-14: Do not ask this Day for destruction once, but ask many times.
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25/Al-Furqan-15: Say: “Is this better or Eternal Heaven which those who have piety are promised which is a reward and a final destination for them”?
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25/Al-Furqan-16: For them is in it what they desire permanently. This is a promise binding upon your Lord that He took upon Him.
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25/Al-Furqan-17: And on that Day He shall gather them together, and whatever they served besides Allah, then He will say: “Was it you who made these My servants fall into misguidance, or did they themselves remain on the Way of misguidance?
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25/Al-Furqan-18: (The idols) said: “Glory be to You; it is not beseeming for us that we should take any friends besides You. But You did give them and their fathers goods that they forgot Dhikr and became a people deserving of perdition.
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25/Al-Furqan-19: Therefore (what you worshipped aside from Allah) belied you in what you have said. So you cannot avert (the torment) nor obtain help. And whoever among you becomes unjust, We will make him taste a great torment.
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25/Al-Furqan-20: And We have not sent before you any Messengers but they most surely ate food and went about in the markets. And We have made some of you a mischief (trial) for others to see ‘if you bear patiently’! And your Lord is All-Seeing.
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