Ash-Shu'ara 184-206, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-19, Page-375)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-19 » Page-375
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Ash-Shu'ara: 26/Ash-Shu'ara-184, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-185, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-186, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-187, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-188, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-189, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-190, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-191, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-192, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-193, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-194, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-195, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-196, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-197, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-198, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-199, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-200, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-201, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-202, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-203, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-204, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-205, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-206, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-19, Page-375, Ash-Shu'ara 184-206
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-184: And be the owner of piety towards Whom created you and the former nations (wish to reach Allah).
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-185: They said: “You are only of the bewitched”.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-186: And you are but a human being like us, and we deem you of the liars.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-187: So cause a portion of the heaven to fall on us, if you are of the truthful.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-188: (Shu’aib) said: “My Lord is the Best Knower of what you do”.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-189: But they belied him, so the torment of the day of shadow seized them. Indeed that was the torment of a Great Day.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-190: Most surely there is a clear Sign in this, yet most of them did not become believers (they did not wish to reach Allah before death).
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-191: And most surely your Lord, He is truly the All-Mighty, the Most Merciful (the One that manifests with His Mercy attribute).
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-192: And most surely it (the Qur’ân) has been sent down by the Lord of the Worlds.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-193: The Trustworthy Spirit (Gabriel) has brought it down.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-194: Into your heart that you may be of the Warners.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-195: In plain Arabic language.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-196: And most surely it is in the Pages (of the Books) of the previous.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-197: Is it not a proof to them that the learned men of the Children of Israel to know it?
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-198: And if We had sent it down to some of the foreigners (non-Arabs).
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-199: So that he had recited (read) it to them, they would not have believed in it (they would not have become believers, they would not have wished to reach Allah before death).
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-200: Thus have We caused it to enter into the hearts of the guilty.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-201: They do not believe in it until they see the painful torment (they would not become believers, they would not wish to reach Allah).
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-202: And it (the torment) comes to them all of a sudden, and they would not know.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-203: Then they said: “Would we then be delayed (given time)”?
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-204: Do they hasten on Our torment?
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-205: Did you see? Even if We provide them for years.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-206: Then there came to them (torment) which they were promised.
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