Al-Furqan 33-43, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-19, Page-363)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-19 » Page-363
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Al-Furqan: 25/Al-Furqan-33, 25/Al-Furqan-34, 25/Al-Furqan-35, 25/Al-Furqan-36, 25/Al-Furqan-37, 25/Al-Furqan-38, 25/Al-Furqan-39, 25/Al-Furqan-40, 25/Al-Furqan-41, 25/Al-Furqan-42, 25/Al-Furqan-43, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-19, Page-363, Al-Furqan 33-43
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25/Al-Furqan-33: And they have not brought to you an affair but what We delivered to you with the truth and the best commentary.
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25/Al-Furqan-34: Those who shall be gathered on their faces to Hell, they are in a worse plight and straying farther away from the Way (who have remained in misguidance).
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25/Al-Furqan-35: And certainly We gave Moses the Book (the Torah) and We appointed with him his brother Aaron as a helper (supporter).
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25/Al-Furqan-36: Then We said: “Go to the people who belied Our Verses!” After that We destroyed them with utter destruction.
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25/Al-Furqan-37: And the people of Noah (Nûh), when they belied the Messengers, We drowned them, and made them a Sign (example) for the mankind. And We have prepared a painful torment for the wrongdoers.
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25/Al-Furqan-38: And Âd and Thamûd and the dwellers of Ar-Rass and many generations (who had lived) between them (We destroyed).
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25/Al-Furqan-39: To each of them We gave similitudes, and each of them We caused to perish utterly.
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25/Al-Furqan-40: And certainly they came to the town on which was rained an evil rain. Did they not then see it? Nay! They did not hope to be resurrected.
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25/Al-Furqan-41: And when they see you, they do not take you for anything but a mockery, saying: “Is this he whom Allah has sent forth to be a Messenger”?
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25/Al-Furqan-42: “He would have nearly misled us from our gods, if we had not adhered to him patiently”! And they will know, when they see the torment, who is strayed farther off from the Way.
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25/Al-Furqan-43: Have you seen him who took his low desires for his god? Will you then be a surrogate to him?
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