Ash-Shu'ara 84-111, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-19, Page-371)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-19 » Page-371
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Ash-Shu'ara: 26/Ash-Shu'ara-84, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-85, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-86, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-87, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-88, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-89, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-90, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-91, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-92, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-93, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-94, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-95, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-96, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-97, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-98, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-99, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-100, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-101, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-102, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-103, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-104, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-105, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-106, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-107, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-108, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-109, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-110, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-111, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-19, Page-371, Ash-Shu'ara 84-111
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-84: And make me a devoted one in the tongues of the succeeding ones (make the upcoming generations to remember me).
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-85: And make me of the inheritors of the Paradise full of blessings.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-86: And forgive my father; surely he is of those who have remained in misguidance.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-87: And do not make me of the miserable ones on the Day of resurrection.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-88: The Day on which neither property nor sons will mean anything (do not make me an ashamed one).
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-89: Except those who come to Allah with a peaceful heart (that reached salvation).
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-90: And heaven brought near for those who have piety.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-91: And hell was shown manifest to the ones who went off boundaries.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-92: And it was said to them: “Where are those that you used to worship”?
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-93: Can they (your deities) help you or yet help themselves, besides Allah?
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-94: They (idol worshippers) and the ones who went off boundaries are thrown on their faces (as their noses rubbed against the ground) therein (in hell).
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-95: And all of the army of Lucifer (Iblîs).
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-96: They (the things that they used to worship and those who worshipped them) said while they contend therein.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-97: By Allah! We were certainly in manifest misguidance.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-98: We were holding you (idols) equal with the Lord of the Worlds.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-99: And none but the guilty ones (those who prevented from Hidayet) have left us in misguidance.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-100: So for us there is not an intercessor.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-101: Nor a true friend.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-102: If we only had a chance to return (to the world), we would be of the believers.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-103: Most surely there is a Sign in this, but (in spite of this) most of them did not become a believer.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-104: And most surely your Lord, He is truly the All-Mighty (Exalted), the Most Merciful (the One that manifests with His Mercy attribute).
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-105: The people of Noah rejected (belied) the Messengers.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-106: Their brother Noah had said to them: “Do you not become the owner of piety”?
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-107: Surely I am a trustworthy Messenger to you.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-108: Therefore be the owners of piety towards Allah (wish to reach Allah) and obey me.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-109: And I do not ask you any wage for it (for my conveying the Message). My wage is only with the Lord of the Worlds.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-110: So be the owners of piety towards Allah (wish to reach Allah) and obey me.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-111: They said: “Shall we believe in you (too) while the simplest of the people follow (depend on) you”?
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