Ash-Shu'ara 112-136, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-19, Page-372)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-19 » Page-372
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Ash-Shu'ara: 26/Ash-Shu'ara-112, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-113, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-114, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-115, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-116, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-117, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-118, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-119, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-120, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-121, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-122, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-123, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-124, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-125, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-126, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-127, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-128, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-129, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-130, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-131, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-132, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-133, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-134, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-135, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-136, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-19, Page-372, Ash-Shu'ara 112-136
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-112: He said: “I have no knowledge of what they used to do”.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-113: Their reckoning is only with my Lord, if you could perceive.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-114: And I am not the one to drive away the believers.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-115: I am only a plain Warner.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-116: They said: “O Noah! If you do not desist (warning us), you shall most certainly be of those stoned”.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-117: Noah said: “My Lord! Surely my people belied me”!
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-118: For that reason widen between me and them with a widening (and hence) deliver me and those who are with me of the believers.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-119: So We delivered him and those with him in a laden Ark.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-120: Then We drowned the ones (who did not embark) remained behind (them).
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-121: Most surely there is a Sign in this, yet most of them did not become believers (did not wish to reach Allah).
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-122: And most surely your Lord, He is truly the All-Mighty, the Most Merciful (the One that manifests with His Mercy attribute).
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-123: The tribe of Âd belied the sent Messengers.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-124: Their brother Hûd had said to them: “Will you not become the owners of piety (will you not wish to reach Allah while you are alive)”?
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-125: Surely I am a trustworthy Messenger to you.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-126: Therefore be the owners of piety towards Allah (wish to reach Allah before death) and obey me (depend on me)
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-127: And I do not ask you any wage for it (for the conveyance), surely my reward wage is only with the Lord of the Worlds.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-128: Do you build on every height a monument, by exerting yourselves in vain?
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-129: And you get for yourselves fine buildings as if you will live (in this world) forever.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-130: And when you seized, you seized as tyrants (by force)?
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-131: So be the owners of piety towards Allah (wish to reach Allah while you are living) and obey me (depend on me).
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-132: Be the owners of piety towards Him (wish to reach Allah) who helps you with the things that you know (with what He has taught you).
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-133: He has aided you with animals and sons.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-134: And with gardens and water springs.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-135: Surely I fear the Torment of a Great Day (the Doomsday) to be upon you.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-136: They said: “It is the same to us whether you admonish or are not one of the admonishers”.
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