Ash-Shu'ara 61-83, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-19, Page-370)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-19 » Page-370
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Ash-Shu'ara: 26/Ash-Shu'ara-61, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-62, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-63, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-64, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-65, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-66, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-67, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-68, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-69, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-70, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-71, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-72, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-73, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-74, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-75, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-76, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-77, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-78, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-79, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-80, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-81, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-82, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-83, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-19, Page-370, Ash-Shu'ara 61-83
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-61: When the two groups saw each other, the Companions of Moses said: “Verily they are about to reach us”.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-62: (Moses) said: “By no means; surely my Lord is with me. He will guide me (to Salvation)”.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-63: Then We revealed to Moses: “Strike the sea with your staff”. Immediately the sea exploded (split and parted) and each piece became like a huge mound.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-64: Then We brought the others near there (as well).
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-65: And We saved Moses and those with him all.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-66: Then We drowned the others (in the sea).
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-67: Most surely there is a Sign in this, (but) most of them did not become believers.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-68: And most surely your Lord, He is truly the All-Mighty, the Most Merciful (The One Who manifests Himself with the Name of Most Merciful).
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-69: And recite (read and explain) to them the news of Abraham.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-70: As he had said to his father and his people: “What is it that you worship”?
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-71: They said: “We worship idols, and to them we always keep worshipping”.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-72: (Abraham) said: “Do they hear you when you call on them”?
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-73: Or do they benefit you or cause you harm?
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-74: They said: “Nay, We found our fathers doing (worshipping) so”.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-75: (Abraham) said: “Have you then seen what you have been worshipping”?
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-76: That what you and your ancient fathers (have been worshipping)”?
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-77: Surely they are enemies to me, but not the Lord of the Worlds.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-78: It is He Who has created me, who delivers me to Hidayet.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-79: And it is He Who feeds me and gives me to drink.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-80: And when I become sick, He is the One who gives me the cure.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-81: And He Who will cause me to die, then will bring me to life (too).
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-82: And Who, I ardently hope, will forgive me my mistakes on the Day of Religion.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-83: My Lord! Bestow Wisdom on me and join me with the Sâlihîn (Improved ones)!
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