Adh-Dhariyat 31-51, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-27, Page-522)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-27 » Page-522
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Adh-Dhariyat: 51/Adh-Dhariyat-31, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-32, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-33, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-34, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-35, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-36, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-37, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-38, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-39, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-40, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-41, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-42, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-43, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-44, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-45, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-46, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-47, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-48, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-49, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-50, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-51, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-27, Page-522, Adh-Dhariyat 31-51
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51/Adh-Dhariyat-31: (Abraham) said: “What do you intend to say then, O Messengers”!
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51/Adh-Dhariyat-32: They said: “Surely We have been sent to a guilty people”.
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51/Adh-Dhariyat-33: To send down upon them stones of clay.
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51/Adh-Dhariyat-34: They are those (stones) that are marked by your Lord for the extravagant.
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51/Adh-Dhariyat-35: Then We brought forth of the believers from therein.
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51/Adh-Dhariyat-36: But We did not find therein but a single house of those who are Muslims.
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51/Adh-Dhariyat-37: And We left therein a proof for those who fear the painful torment.
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51/Adh-Dhariyat-38: And in Moses (too, there are proofs). We had sent him to Pharaoh with clear Sultan (miracle).
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51/Adh-Dhariyat-39: But he turned away his face along with people around him and said: “He is either a magician or a mad man”.
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51/Adh-Dhariyat-40: Finally, We seized him and his army and hurled them into the sea, blamed.
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51/Adh-Dhariyat-41: And in (the people of) Âd (there were proofs). We had sent upon them a terminating wind.
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51/Adh-Dhariyat-42: (That wind) did not leave anything on which it blew upon, but it made it like ashes.
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51/Adh-Dhariyat-43: And in (the people of) Thamûd (there were proofs). They were told: “Enjoy yourselves for a while”.
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51/Adh-Dhariyat-44: But they strayed away from the Commandment of their Lord. Upon that, the thunderbolt overtook them while they were looking on.
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51/Adh-Dhariyat-45: Then they were not able to stand up, nor were they ‘the helped’ ones.
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51/Adh-Dhariyat-46: And before that the people of Noah too. Surely they were a transgressing people.
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51/Adh-Dhariyat-47: And the sky; We built it with great Might and most surely We are the One Who expands (it).
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51/Adh-Dhariyat-48: And the earth; We have made it a mattress. How Excellent Organizer!
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51/Adh-Dhariyat-49: And of everything We have created two pairs (with its opposite). It is hoped that you may reflect.
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51/Adh-Dhariyat-50: So flee to Allah (escape and take refuge in Him). Surely I am a plain Warner to you from Him.
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51/Adh-Dhariyat-51: And do not set up with Allah other gods. Surely I am a plain Warner to you from Him.
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