The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-27, Page-531), Al-Qamar 50-55, Ar-Rahman 1-16

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-27 » Page-531
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Al-Qamar: 54/Al-Qamar-50, 54/Al-Qamar-51, 54/Al-Qamar-52, 54/Al-Qamar-53, 54/Al-Qamar-54, 54/Al-Qamar-55, Ar-Rahman: 55/Ar-Rahman-1, 55/Ar-Rahman-2, 55/Ar-Rahman-3, 55/Ar-Rahman-4, 55/Ar-Rahman-5, 55/Ar-Rahman-6, 55/Ar-Rahman-7, 55/Ar-Rahman-8, 55/Ar-Rahman-9, 55/Ar-Rahman-10, 55/Ar-Rahman-11, 55/Ar-Rahman-12, 55/Ar-Rahman-13, 55/Ar-Rahman-14, 55/Ar-Rahman-15, 55/Ar-Rahman-16, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-27, Page-531, Al-Qamar 50-55, Ar-Rahman 1-16
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54/Al-Qamar-50: And Our Commandment is but one, as the twinkling of an eye.
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54/Al-Qamar-51: And certainly We have destroyed the likes of you, yet is there anyone who take heed (learn a lesson)?
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54/Al-Qamar-52: And everything they have done is in the (Heavenly) Books.
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54/Al-Qamar-53: And everything, small and big, is written down.
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54/Al-Qamar-54: Surely the owners of piety are in heavens and by the Rivers,
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54/Al-Qamar-55: At the post of ‘Sadik’ within the Presence of the Most Powerful King.


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55/Ar-Rahman-1: (He is) the All-Merciful!
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55/Ar-Rahman-2: He has taught the Qur’ân.
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55/Ar-Rahman-3: He has created the human.
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55/Ar-Rahman-4: He has taught him the expression (comprehending and being able to express and explain).
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55/Ar-Rahman-5: The sun and the moon (their creation and movements in their orbits) are by (astrophysical) calculations (are designed based on delicate balances).
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55/Ar-Rahman-6: The stars and the trees, both prostrate (to Allah).
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55/Ar-Rahman-7: And the sky; He raised it high (according to the astrophysical rules based on the Bing Bang theory, He made an event of expanding and rising from inside towards outside happen) and designed the Balance (the measure, the weight, and the equilibrium of gravity).
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55/Ar-Rahman-8: Do not exceed the limit at (Due Balance) Measurement (do not act unjustly).
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55/Ar-Rahman-9: And observe the weight with justice and do not make the measure deficient (when measuring).
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55/Ar-Rahman-10: And the earth; He designed it for animals (and all living creatures) (He designed it through the geological movements so that the living creatures could live on it).
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55/Ar-Rahman-11: Therein are fruits and blossomed date-palm trees.
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55/Ar-Rahman-12: There are grains with leaves and scented herbs.
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55/Ar-Rahman-13: Then which of the Blessings of your Lord do you (jinn and humans) belie?
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55/Ar-Rahman-14: (Allah) created the human from sounding clay like the clay of pottery.
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55/Ar-Rahman-15: And He created the jinn from a smokeless flame of bright fire (energy).
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55/Ar-Rahman-16: Which then of the Blessings of your Lord do you jinn and humans) belie?
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