At-Tur 15-31, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-27, Page-524)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-27 » Page-524
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At-Tur: 52/At-Tur-15, 52/At-Tur-16, 52/At-Tur-17, 52/At-Tur-18, 52/At-Tur-19, 52/At-Tur-20, 52/At-Tur-21, 52/At-Tur-22, 52/At-Tur-23, 52/At-Tur-24, 52/At-Tur-25, 52/At-Tur-26, 52/At-Tur-27, 52/At-Tur-28, 52/At-Tur-29, 52/At-Tur-30, 52/At-Tur-31, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-27, Page-524, At-Tur 15-31
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52/At-Tur-15: Is this a magic? Or is it you that do not see?
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52/At-Tur-16: Prop yourselves against it (Fire). Now whether you are patient or impatient, it is all the same for you. You only get punished for what you used to do.
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52/At-Tur-17: Surely the owners of piety (Takwâ) are in heavens and blessings.
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52/At-Tur-18: Joyous with what their Lord has given them and their Lord saved them from the Torment of the blazing Fire (hell).
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52/At-Tur-19: Eat and drink pleasantly because of what you used to do.
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52/At-Tur-20: (The owners of piety are) the ones reclined on thrones lined up and We married them to Hûrin (ladies of heaven) with beautiful eyes.
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52/At-Tur-21: And those who believed (by wishing to reach Allah while they are alive, before death) and whose offspring depended on them in Faith; We joined their offspring to them. And We did not decrease any of their deeds. Every person is a pledge for what he has earned (in degrees).
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52/At-Tur-22: And We gave them (with) fruit and meat they desired.
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52/At-Tur-23: They raise a cup therein where they do not say anything in vain nor commit any sin (due to wine they consume).
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52/At-Tur-24: And around them (young boys) serving. They are like hidden pearl in its nacre.
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52/At-Tur-25: And they ask each other.
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52/At-Tur-26: They said: “Surely we feared before along with our family”.
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52/At-Tur-27: Now, Allah Blessed us and saved us from the torment of the scorching heat (of Hell).
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52/At-Tur-28: Surely we were calling upon Him (Allah) before. Surely He is Berr (The Most Courteous, the Most Generous), the Most Merciful (the One Who manifests Himself with His Name of Most Merciful).
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52/At-Tur-29: Therefore remind (give advice), because by the Blessing of your Lord, you are neither an oracle nor a madman.
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52/At-Tur-30: Or do they say: “He is a poet; we wait for him the sudden coming of the calamity of the time”.
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52/At-Tur-31: Say: “Watch, I am too with you of those who watch”.
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