An-Najm 1-26, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-27, Page-526)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-27 » Page-526
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An-Najm: 53/An-Najm-1, 53/An-Najm-2, 53/An-Najm-3, 53/An-Najm-4, 53/An-Najm-5, 53/An-Najm-6, 53/An-Najm-7, 53/An-Najm-8, 53/An-Najm-9, 53/An-Najm-10, 53/An-Najm-11, 53/An-Najm-12, 53/An-Najm-13, 53/An-Najm-14, 53/An-Najm-15, 53/An-Najm-16, 53/An-Najm-17, 53/An-Najm-18, 53/An-Najm-19, 53/An-Najm-20, 53/An-Najm-21, 53/An-Najm-22, 53/An-Najm-23, 53/An-Najm-24, 53/An-Najm-25, 53/An-Najm-26, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-27, Page-526, An-Najm 1-26


Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-1
53/An-Najm-1: By the star when it disappears.
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-2
53/An-Najm-2: Your owner has not fallen in Misguidance nor turned extravagant.
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-3
53/An-Najm-3: And he does not speak out of his own vain desire.
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-4
53/An-Najm-4: (What he says is) only the Revelation that is revealed to him.
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-5
53/An-Najm-5: The one who is mighty and severe (Gabriel) has taught him.
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-6
53/An-Najm-6: He (Gabriel) is the possessor of strength and magnificence. So he rose (turned).
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-7
53/An-Najm-7: And he (appeared) on the uppermost section of the horizon.
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-8
53/An-Najm-8: Then he approached and came down.
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-9
53/An-Najm-9: So he became at a distance of two bows’ length, or (even) closer.
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-10
53/An-Najm-10: So he revealed what He had to reveal to His servant.
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-11
53/An-Najm-11: The seeing of the heart (sense of seeing) did not deny what he saw (with the eyes of his spirit).
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-12
53/An-Najm-12: Or do you dispute with him as to what he saw?
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-13
53/An-Najm-13: And certainly he also saw him during another descent.
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-14
53/An-Najm-14: Near the Sidrat-ul Muntaha.
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-15
53/An-Najm-15: Next to it (Sidrat-ul Muntaha) is Me’vâ heaven.
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-16
53/An-Najm-16: What covers the Sidra was covering it.
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-17
53/An-Najm-17: The sight did not slip nor exceeded the limit.
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-18
53/An-Najm-18: Certainly he did see (some) of the Greatest Signs of his Lord.
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-19
53/An-Najm-19: Have you seen Al-Lât and Al-Uzzâ?
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-20
53/An-Najm-20: And (have you seen) the other, the third one, Manât?
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-21
53/An-Najm-21: Is it for you the males and for Him the females?
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-22
53/An-Najm-22: If this is the case, indeed is an unfair division.
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-23
53/An-Najm-23: They (these names) are but names which you and your fathers have named. Allah has sent down for them no Sultan (proof). They follow nothing but conjecture and what their souls desire. And certainly the Hidayet has come to them from their Lord.
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-24
53/An-Najm-24: Or is there for man only whatever he wishes (desires)?
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-25
53/An-Najm-25: But to Allah belongs the Before and After (this world and the Hereafter).
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-26
53/An-Najm-26: And how many angels are there in the heavens whose intercession does not avail at all except after Allah has given permission to whom He wills and is Pleased with (the Imam of the Time, the one who is under control of Allah with His Consent).
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