Al-Waqi'ah 17-50, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-27, Page-535)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-27 » Page-535
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Al-Waqi'ah: 56/Al-Waqi'ah-17, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-18, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-19, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-20, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-21, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-22, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-23, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-24, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-25, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-26, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-27, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-28, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-29, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-30, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-31, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-32, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-33, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-34, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-35, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-36, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-37, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-38, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-39, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-40, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-41, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-42, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-43, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-44, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-45, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-46, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-47, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-48, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-49, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-50, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-27, Page-535, Al-Waqi'ah 17-50
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-17: Eternal youths go around them.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-18: With goblets, ewers and crystal cups filled from pure springs.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-19: Wherefrom (from the wine) they get neither any headache nor any intoxication.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-20: And the fruits they choose.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-21: And (offered with) the meat of birds as they wish.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-22: And (there are) female angels with wonderfully beautiful eyes.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-23: Just like hidden pearls.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-24: As a reward for what they used to do.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-25: They shall not hear therein a vain talk or commit sin.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-26: Only Peace, the word of Peace is mentioned!
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-27: Ashab-ı Yemin (the owners of the vow whose records/life films are given from their right side) (but) what Ashab-ı Yemin.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-28: (Ashab-ı Yemin) amongst the thorn-less cedar trees.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-29: And (amongst) the banana trees with fruits piled one above another.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-30: And (in) extended shades.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-31: And (amongst) waterfalls.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-32: And (amongst) abundant fruits.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-33: That doesn’t decrease or get forbidden.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-34: And they are on lofty mattresses (thrones), raised high.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-35: Surely We have built (created) them with a new fashion (creation).
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-36: So We have made them virgins.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-37: Into their spouses, equals in age.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-38: For Ashab-ı Yemin (the owners of the vow whose records/life films are given from their right side).
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-39: (They are) a people from the old.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-40: And also a people of the latter.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-41: And Ashabush Shimal (those ill-omened ones whose records/life films are given from their left side, people of hell) (but) what Ashabush Shimal!
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-42: (Ashabush Shimal are) in a heat (that penetrates to their marrow) (scorching, and boiling) water.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-43: And a shade of black smoke that.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-44: Neither provides coolness nor relieving.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-45: Surely, before that, they were indulged in luxury.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-46: And they were persisting in the great sin.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-47: And they were saying: “When we die and have become dust and bones? Shall we then indeed be raised”?
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-48: And also our forefathers (who died before us)?
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-49: Say: “The previous and the latter ones too (will be resurrected)”.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-50: On the appointed time of a known Day, they will surely be gathered together.
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