Al-Waqi'ah 51-76, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-27, Page-536)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-27 » Page-536
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Al-Waqi'ah: 56/Al-Waqi'ah-51, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-52, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-53, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-54, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-55, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-56, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-57, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-58, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-59, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-60, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-61, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-62, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-63, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-64, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-65, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-66, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-67, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-68, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-69, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-70, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-71, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-72, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-73, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-74, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-75, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-76, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-27, Page-536, Al-Waqi'ah 51-76
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-51: Then you, O beliers who are truly in misguidance!
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-52: You are verily the ones who will eat of a tree of Zaqqûm.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-53: So you are the ones who will fill your bellies with it.
Listen Quran: 56/Al-Waqi'ah-54
56/Al-Waqi'ah-54: The ones who will then drink over it of boiling water.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-55: In a way, you are the ones who will drink as the drinking of a sick camel that gets thirstier with every drink.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-56: This is their feast on the Day of the Religion.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-57: We, We have created you. In case you still do not confirm.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-58: Then have you seen (comprehended) the semen that you ejaculate?
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-59: Is it you who create it or are We the Creator?
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-60: We, We have ordained death among you. And We are not to be outrun (stopped) (No one can change Our Decree).
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-61: (There is none to stop Us) also in transforming (through death) your likes (your physical bodies in the life of this world) and creating you (again) in a way that you do not know (for the world of the Hereafter).
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-62: And certainly you have known the first creation, in case you still do not remember (deliberate).
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-63: Then have you seen the crop you seeded (Do you know that the necessary codes and programs are hidden in the seed you have sown for the development of a new plant belonging to its species, do you comprehend this)?
Listen Quran: 56/Al-Waqi'ah-64
56/Al-Waqi'ah-64: Is it you that causes it to grow, or are We the Cause of its growth?
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-65: If We willed, We would have made it a dry herb, then you would be perplexed.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-66: Surely we are ruined.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-67: Nay! (You would say :) We are the ones who are left without crop.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-68: Moreover, have you seen the water which you have been drinking?
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-69: Did you bring it (water) down from the clouds, or are We the One who brought it down (the Sender down)?
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-70: If We willed, We could make it bitter; why do you not then give thanks?
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-71: Have you also seen the fire which you set?
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-72: Did you make the tree of it or are We the Creator?
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-73: We have made it an example and a source (of heat and light) for the travelers of the desert (camp in the Sahara).
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-74: So glorify your Lord with His, the Most Great name.
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-75: So nay! I swear by the places of the stars!
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56/Al-Waqi'ah-76: And most surely that is a very great oath if you only knew.
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