The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-27, Page-528), An-Najm 45-62, Al-Qamar 1-7

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-27 » Page-528
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An-Najm: 53/An-Najm-45, 53/An-Najm-46, 53/An-Najm-47, 53/An-Najm-48, 53/An-Najm-49, 53/An-Najm-50, 53/An-Najm-51, 53/An-Najm-52, 53/An-Najm-53, 53/An-Najm-54, 53/An-Najm-55, 53/An-Najm-56, 53/An-Najm-57, 53/An-Najm-58, 53/An-Najm-59, 53/An-Najm-60, 53/An-Najm-61, 53/An-Najm-62, Al-Qamar: 54/Al-Qamar-1, 54/Al-Qamar-2, 54/Al-Qamar-3, 54/Al-Qamar-4, 54/Al-Qamar-5, 54/Al-Qamar-6, 54/Al-Qamar-7, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-27, Page-528, An-Najm 45-62, Al-Qamar 1-7
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-45
53/An-Najm-45: And certainly He created male and female pairs.
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-46
53/An-Najm-46: From a (drop of) sperm when the semen is ejaculated.
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-47
53/An-Najm-47: And surely on Him is the bringing-forth (the second revival) after this.
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-48
53/An-Najm-48: And definitely He, it is He Who makes rich and wealthy.
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-49
53/An-Najm-49: And certainly He is the Lord of the Sirius.
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-50
53/An-Najm-50: And surly He destroyed the former Âd (people).
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-51
53/An-Najm-51: And Thamûd (as well). So He did not render anyone permanent (He left no one behind).
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-52
53/An-Najm-52: And (He destroyed) the people of Noah before. Surely they were more unjust and insolent.
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-53
53/An-Najm-53: And (Gabriel lifted up and) buried in ground the over-thrown city.
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-54
53/An-Najm-54: So there covered (the torment) it (that people) with such a cover.
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-55
53/An-Najm-55: Then which of the blessings of your Lord do you doubt?
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-56
53/An-Najm-56: This Warner is a Warner of the Warners of old.
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-57
53/An-Najm-57: What draws near, drew near.
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-58
53/An-Najm-58: There is none besides Allah to discover it.
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-59
53/An-Najm-59: Do you then consider this statement strange?
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-60
53/An-Najm-60: And you are laughing and not weeping.
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-61
53/An-Najm-61: And you are the ones indulged in amusement in heedlessness.
Listen Quran: 53/An-Najm-62
53/An-Najm-62: So prostrate yourselves before Allah and become servants (to Him)!


Listen Quran: 54/Al-Qamar-1
54/Al-Qamar-1: The Hour has drawn near, and the moon has been split.
Listen Quran: 54/Al-Qamar-2
54/Al-Qamar-2: And if they see a miracle, they turn away and say: “This is persistent magic”.
Listen Quran: 54/Al-Qamar-3
54/Al-Qamar-3: And they belied and followed their low desires. And every affair had been decided.
Listen Quran: 54/Al-Qamar-4
54/Al-Qamar-4: And certainly news have come to them wherein is deterrence.
Listen Quran: 54/Al-Qamar-5
54/Al-Qamar-5: (These news are) clear wisdom, yet warnings did not benefit.
Listen Quran: 54/Al-Qamar-6
54/Al-Qamar-6: So withdraw from them. On that Day, the Caller will call (them) to a severely dreadful thing.
Listen Quran: 54/Al-Qamar-7
54/Al-Qamar-7: They come forth from graves with terrified eyes as if they were scattered locusts.
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