The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-27, Page-523), Adh-Dhariyat 52-60, At-Tur 1-14

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-27 » Page-523
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Adh-Dhariyat: 51/Adh-Dhariyat-52, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-53, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-54, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-55, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-56, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-57, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-58, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-59, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-60, At-Tur: 52/At-Tur-1, 52/At-Tur-2, 52/At-Tur-3, 52/At-Tur-4, 52/At-Tur-5, 52/At-Tur-6, 52/At-Tur-7, 52/At-Tur-8, 52/At-Tur-9, 52/At-Tur-10, 52/At-Tur-11, 52/At-Tur-12, 52/At-Tur-13, 52/At-Tur-14, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-27, Page-523, Adh-Dhariyat 52-60, At-Tur 1-14
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51/Adh-Dhariyat-52: Likewise, no Messenger came to those before them but they said: “A magician or a mad man”.
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51/Adh-Dhariyat-53: Have they willed this (to say “a magician or a mad man” to the Messengers, to the upcoming generations)? Nay, they are an extravagant people.
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51/Adh-Dhariyat-54: Then turn aside from them, you are not to be blamed.
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51/Adh-Dhariyat-55: And remind with advice. Surely the reminder benefits the believers.
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51/Adh-Dhariyat-56: And I have created the jinn and the mankind (for no other reason but only) that they should become servants to Me.
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51/Adh-Dhariyat-57: I do not ask from them (any) sustenance and I do not ask that they should feed Me either.
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51/Adh-Dhariyat-58: Surely Allah, He is the Provider, Owner of Power, the Most Strong.
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51/Adh-Dhariyat-59: So surely the (torment) portion of those who do wrong is like the (torment) portion of their companions. Therefore let them not ask Me to hasten (the torment) on.
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51/Adh-Dhariyat-60: Hence woe to those who disbelieve because of their Day (Doomsday) which they have been promised.


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52/At-Tur-1: By the Mount Tur (Sinai).
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52/At-Tur-2: And the Book written line by line.
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52/At-Tur-3: (Which) in it (in that book) the writings are spread in pages.
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52/At-Tur-4: And by Al-Baitul Ma’mûr (the House that is built up).
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52/At-Tur-5: By the elevated ceiling (the ceiling of the earth).
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52/At-Tur-6: By the full sea.
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52/At-Tur-7: Most surely the Torment of your Lord will take place.
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52/At-Tur-8: There is none to avert it (the torment).
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52/At-Tur-9: On that Day the sky shakes with a dreadful swaying.
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52/At-Tur-10: And the mountains walk (move) in movement.
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52/At-Tur-11: Then woe on the Day (of Permission) to the deniers (beliers).
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52/At-Tur-12: They are those who keep themselves busy with unnecessary tasks.
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52/At-Tur-13: That Day they shall be thrown in to the Fire being dragged.
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52/At-Tur-14: This is the Fire which you used to deny.
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