The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-27, Page-537), Al-Waqi'ah 77-96, Al-Hadid 1-3

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-27 » Page-537
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Al-Waqi'ah: 56/Al-Waqi'ah-77, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-78, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-79, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-80, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-81, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-82, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-83, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-84, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-85, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-86, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-87, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-88, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-89, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-90, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-91, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-92, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-93, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-94, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-95, 56/Al-Waqi'ah-96, Al-Hadid: 57/Al-Hadid-1, 57/Al-Hadid-2, 57/Al-Hadid-3, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-27, Page-537, Al-Waqi'ah 77-96, Al-Hadid 1-3
Listen Quran: 56/Al-Waqi'ah-77
56/Al-Waqi'ah-77: Most surely that is the noble Qur’ân.
Listen Quran: 56/Al-Waqi'ah-78
56/Al-Waqi'ah-78: In a Book well-guarded (in Levhi Mahfuz).
Listen Quran: 56/Al-Waqi'ah-79
56/Al-Waqi'ah-79: None may touch it but the purified ones (materially and spiritually).
Listen Quran: 56/Al-Waqi'ah-80
56/Al-Waqi'ah-80: Sent down by the Lord of the Worlds (in parts, verses).
Listen Quran: 56/Al-Waqi'ah-81
56/Al-Waqi'ah-81: Or are you then those who do not believe in this word and doubt it?
Listen Quran: 56/Al-Waqi'ah-82
56/Al-Waqi'ah-82: And you make your means of subsistence your belying (as you doubt that the words in the Qur’ân are from the Lord of the Worlds, your sustenance, your portion is only to belie).
Listen Quran: 56/Al-Waqi'ah-83
56/Al-Waqi'ah-83: Then, it (man’s soul) must have come up to the throat.
Listen Quran: 56/Al-Waqi'ah-84
56/Al-Waqi'ah-84: And you at that time look on (it only, without being able to help it).
Listen Quran: 56/Al-Waqi'ah-85
56/Al-Waqi'ah-85: And We are nearer to it than you, but you do not see.
Listen Quran: 56/Al-Waqi'ah-86
56/Al-Waqi'ah-86: So if you are not those who will be punished (for your deeds).
Listen Quran: 56/Al-Waqi'ah-87
56/Al-Waqi'ah-87: You turn it away, if you are the truthful.
Listen Quran: 56/Al-Waqi'ah-88
56/Al-Waqi'ah-88: But if he is one of those who are drawn near to Allah.
Listen Quran: 56/Al-Waqi'ah-89
56/Al-Waqi'ah-89: Then there is repose, peace, nicely scented plants and Naîm heaven.
Listen Quran: 56/Al-Waqi'ah-90
56/Al-Waqi'ah-90: But if he is one of the owners of the vow (one of those whose records/life film is given from their right side).
Listen Quran: 56/Al-Waqi'ah-91
56/Al-Waqi'ah-91: Then (it is said): “Peace to you from the owners of the vow” (from those whose records/life films is given from their right side).
Listen Quran: 56/Al-Waqi'ah-92
56/Al-Waqi'ah-92: And but if he is one of the misguided beliers, the misguided ones.
Listen Quran: 56/Al-Waqi'ah-93
56/Al-Waqi'ah-93: Then there is a feast of boiling water.
Listen Quran: 56/Al-Waqi'ah-94
56/Al-Waqi'ah-94: And being thrown into a flaming fire.
Listen Quran: 56/Al-Waqi'ah-95
56/Al-Waqi'ah-95: Most surely this (what is explained, given news) is Hakk'ul Yakîn (an absolute truth).
Listen Quran: 56/Al-Waqi'ah-96
56/Al-Waqi'ah-96: Therefore glorify your Lord with His the Most Great Name.


Listen Quran: 57/Al-Hadid-1
57/Al-Hadid-1: Whatever is in the heavens and the earth glorified (and glorifies) Allah, and He is the All-Mighty, the All-Wise.
Listen Quran: 57/Al-Hadid-2
57/Al-Hadid-2: His is the Dominion of the heavens and the earth. He gives life and causes death, and He has Power over all things.
Listen Quran: 57/Al-Hadid-3
57/Al-Hadid-3: He is the Past (First) and the Future (Last), and the Outward (His signs appear on all His creatures) and the Inward (Hidden). And He is the All-Knower of everything.
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