Al-Qamar 28-49, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-27, Page-530)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-27 » Page-530
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Al-Qamar: 54/Al-Qamar-28, 54/Al-Qamar-29, 54/Al-Qamar-30, 54/Al-Qamar-31, 54/Al-Qamar-32, 54/Al-Qamar-33, 54/Al-Qamar-34, 54/Al-Qamar-35, 54/Al-Qamar-36, 54/Al-Qamar-37, 54/Al-Qamar-38, 54/Al-Qamar-39, 54/Al-Qamar-40, 54/Al-Qamar-41, 54/Al-Qamar-42, 54/Al-Qamar-43, 54/Al-Qamar-44, 54/Al-Qamar-45, 54/Al-Qamar-46, 54/Al-Qamar-47, 54/Al-Qamar-48, 54/Al-Qamar-49, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-27, Page-530, Al-Qamar 28-49
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54/Al-Qamar-28: And inform them that the water (in town) is to be divided between (the camel and) them (they will drink in turns). All those who will drink will be ready when their turn comes.
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54/Al-Qamar-29: After a while, they called their friends (they asked him to kill the camel). Upon that he hastened and slaughtered (her).
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54/Al-Qamar-30: Then how were My Warnings and Torment?
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54/Al-Qamar-31: Surely We sent upon them a single Cry (a dreadful sound-wave) so they became like the grinded dry herb.
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54/Al-Qamar-32: And certainly We have made the Qur’ân easy for Dhikr (the remembrance). Yet is there anyone who take heed (learn a lesson)?
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54/Al-Qamar-33: The people of Lot also belied the Warnings.
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54/Al-Qamar-34: Surely We sent upon them a storm which destroyed. Except the family of Lot, We saved them a little before day-break.
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54/Al-Qamar-35: As a Blessing from Our Presence, this is how We reward a person who gives thanks.
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54/Al-Qamar-36: And Lot indeed warned them of “the seizure with Our severe torment”, but they did doubt these Warnings!
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54/Al-Qamar-37: And they even asked insistently of him his guests for their evil act. Upon that We blinded their eyes. So taste My Warnings and My torment!
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54/Al-Qamar-38: And certainly a continuous torment seized them in the morning. (39) So taste My Warnings and My torment!
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54/Al-Qamar-39: So taste My Warnings and My torment!
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54/Al-Qamar-40: And certainly We have made the Qur’ân easy for Dhikr (the remembrance), but is there anyone who take heed (learn a lesson)?
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54/Al-Qamar-41: And certainly the Warnings also came to the family of Pharaoh.
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54/Al-Qamar-42: They belied all Our Verses, so We Seized (destroyed) them with a Seizure of the All-Mighty, All-Powerful.
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54/Al-Qamar-43: (O the inhabitants of Makkah!) Are your disbelievers better than those (people who belied), or is there an exoneration for you in the Heavenly Books?
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54/Al-Qamar-44: Or do they say: “We are a group who help each other (invincible)?
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54/Al-Qamar-45: Soon shall they be ruined, and they shall turn their backs (run away).
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54/Al-Qamar-46: Nay, what (the torment) they are promised is that Hour (Doomsday), and that Hour is more grievous and more violent.
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54/Al-Qamar-47: Surely the guilty are in Misguidance and madness.
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54/Al-Qamar-48: On that Day they are dragged upon their faces into the Fire. (They shall be told :) “Taste the touch of the Flame”!
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54/Al-Qamar-49: Surely We have created everything with Destiny (predestined).
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