Ash-Shu'ara 137-159, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-19, Page-373)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-19 » Page-373
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Ash-Shu'ara: 26/Ash-Shu'ara-137, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-138, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-139, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-140, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-141, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-142, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-143, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-144, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-145, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-146, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-147, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-148, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-149, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-150, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-151, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-152, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-153, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-154, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-155, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-156, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-157, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-158, 26/Ash-Shu'ara-159, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-19, Page-373, Ash-Shu'ara 137-159
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-137: This is no other than the fabrications of the ancients.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-138: And we are not going to be tormented.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-139: So they belied him. Therefore We ruined them. Most surely there is indeed a Sign in this, yet most of them did not become believers (did not wish to reach Allah).
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-140: And most surely your Lord, He is truly the All-Mighty, the Most Merciful (the One that manifests with His Mercy attribute).
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-141: (The tribe of) Thamûd also belied the Messengers.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-142: Their brother Sâlih had also said to them: “Will you not become the owners of piety (will you not wish to reach Allah while you are living)”?
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-143: Surely I am a trustworthy Messenger to you.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-144: Therefore be the owners of piety towards Allah (wish to reach Allah before death) and obey me (depend on me).
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-145: And I ask of you no wage for that (conveyance). My wage is only with the Lord of the Worlds.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-146: Will you be left secure in where you are?
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-147: In gardens and water-springs.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-148: And tilled fields and bloomed palm-trees?
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-149: And you hew out in the mountains, houses with great skill.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-150: So be the owners of piety towards Allah (wish to reach Allah while you are living) and obey me (depend on me).
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-151: And do not obey the command of the extravagant (who exceed the limits).
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-152: They (extravagant) make mischief in the earth, and do not improve (others).
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-153: They said: “You are only of the bewitched”.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-154: You are nothing but a human being like us. So bring a Sign (a Verse) if you are of the truthful.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-155: (Sâlih) said: “This is a she-camel. It has the right to drink water, and you have a right to drink water on appointed days”.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-156: And do not touch her with evil. (If you do) then the torment of a Great Day should seize you.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-157: Nevertheless they slaughtered her, then they became regretful.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-158: So the torment overtook them. Most surely there is a Sign (a lesson) in this, and most of them did not become believers.
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26/Ash-Shu'ara-159: And most surely your Lord, He is truly the All-Mighty, the Most Merciful (the One Who manifests with the Name of the Most Merciful).
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