The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-30, Page-597), At-Tin 1-8, Al-Alaq 1-19

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-30 » Page-597
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At-Tin: 95/At-Tin-1, 95/At-Tin-2, 95/At-Tin-3, 95/At-Tin-4, 95/At-Tin-5, 95/At-Tin-6, 95/At-Tin-7, 95/At-Tin-8, Al-Alaq: 96/Al-Alaq-1, 96/Al-Alaq-2, 96/Al-Alaq-3, 96/Al-Alaq-4, 96/Al-Alaq-5, 96/Al-Alaq-6, 96/Al-Alaq-7, 96/Al-Alaq-8, 96/Al-Alaq-9, 96/Al-Alaq-10, 96/Al-Alaq-11, 96/Al-Alaq-12, 96/Al-Alaq-13, 96/Al-Alaq-14, 96/Al-Alaq-15, 96/Al-Alaq-16, 96/Al-Alaq-17, 96/Al-Alaq-18, 96/Al-Alaq-19, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-30, Page-597, At-Tin 1-8, Al-Alaq 1-19


Listen Quran: 95/At-Tin-1
95/At-Tin-1: By the fig and the olive.
Listen Quran: 95/At-Tin-2
95/At-Tin-2: And by the Mount Sinâi.
Listen Quran: 95/At-Tin-3
95/At-Tin-3: And (by) this secure city (city of Makkah).
Listen Quran: 95/At-Tin-4
95/At-Tin-4: Certainly we have created the human (soul) in a calendar of perfection (so that it can turn to be the best in a period of time by doing the soul’s cleansing and purification).
Listen Quran: 95/At-Tin-5
95/At-Tin-5: Then We have returned (brought back) it to Esfel-i Safilin (the lowest of the low, to the darkness of the soul).
Listen Quran: 95/At-Tin-6
95/At-Tin-6: Except those who are Amenu (who wish to reach Allah before death) and do improving deeds (that cleanse the souls’ heart). So for them there is endless reward.
Listen Quran: 95/At-Tin-7
95/At-Tin-7: (O human!) Then what causes you, after this, to belie the Religion?
Listen Quran: 95/At-Tin-8
95/At-Tin-8: Is not Allah the Best of the judges to rule?


Listen Quran: 96/Al-Alaq-1
96/Al-Alaq-1: Read in the Name of your Lord Who Created.
Listen Quran: 96/Al-Alaq-2
96/Al-Alaq-2: He created the human being from Alaq (an embryo).
Listen Quran: 96/Al-Alaq-3
96/Al-Alaq-3: Read, and your Lord is the Owner of the Greatest Honor.
Listen Quran: 96/Al-Alaq-4
96/Al-Alaq-4: That He taught with pen.
Listen Quran: 96/Al-Alaq-5
96/Al-Alaq-5: (He has) taught the human being what he did not know.
Listen Quran: 96/Al-Alaq-6
96/Al-Alaq-6: Nay! Human most surely goes rampant.
Listen Quran: 96/Al-Alaq-7
96/Al-Alaq-7: Because of seeing himself self-sufficient (not being in need of anything, even Allah).
Listen Quran: 96/Al-Alaq-8
96/Al-Alaq-8: Surely to your Lord is the return.
Listen Quran: 96/Al-Alaq-9
96/Al-Alaq-9: Have you seen the one who prevents?
Listen Quran: 96/Al-Alaq-10
96/Al-Alaq-10: When one of His servants performs his prayer.
Listen Quran: 96/Al-Alaq-11
96/Al-Alaq-11: Have you seen? If that (servant) is upon Hidayet?
Listen Quran: 96/Al-Alaq-12
96/Al-Alaq-12: Or commanded the Piety.
Listen Quran: 96/Al-Alaq-13
96/Al-Alaq-13: Have you seen, if he belied and turned away?
Listen Quran: 96/Al-Alaq-14
96/Al-Alaq-14: Does he not know that Allah sees (him)?
Listen Quran: 96/Al-Alaq-15
96/Al-Alaq-15: Nay! If he does not desist, We shall catch (drag) him by the forelock (forehead).
Listen Quran: 96/Al-Alaq-16
96/Al-Alaq-16: A lying, sinful forehead (forelock).
Listen Quran: 96/Al-Alaq-17
96/Al-Alaq-17: Then let him call upon his council (helpers).
Listen Quran: 96/Al-Alaq-18
96/Al-Alaq-18: We shall soon call the guards of Hell.
Listen Quran: 96/Al-Alaq-19
96/Al-Alaq-19: Nay! Do not obey him and prostrate yourself and draw near (to Allah)!
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