At-Takwir 1-29, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-30, Page-586)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-30 » Page-586
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At-Takwir: 81/At-Takwir-1, 81/At-Takwir-2, 81/At-Takwir-3, 81/At-Takwir-4, 81/At-Takwir-5, 81/At-Takwir-6, 81/At-Takwir-7, 81/At-Takwir-8, 81/At-Takwir-9, 81/At-Takwir-10, 81/At-Takwir-11, 81/At-Takwir-12, 81/At-Takwir-13, 81/At-Takwir-14, 81/At-Takwir-15, 81/At-Takwir-16, 81/At-Takwir-17, 81/At-Takwir-18, 81/At-Takwir-19, 81/At-Takwir-20, 81/At-Takwir-21, 81/At-Takwir-22, 81/At-Takwir-23, 81/At-Takwir-24, 81/At-Takwir-25, 81/At-Takwir-26, 81/At-Takwir-27, 81/At-Takwir-28, 81/At-Takwir-29, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-30, Page-586, At-Takwir 1-29


Listen Quran: 81/At-Takwir-1
81/At-Takwir-1: When the sun is folded up and wound round.
Listen Quran: 81/At-Takwir-2
81/At-Takwir-2: And when the stars are faded (when the stars lost their energy).
Listen Quran: 81/At-Takwir-3
81/At-Takwir-3: And when the mountains are made to move.
Listen Quran: 81/At-Takwir-4
81/At-Takwir-4: And when the loaded camels are let go, precious worldly materials are left behind.
Listen Quran: 81/At-Takwir-5
81/At-Takwir-5: And when the wild animals are gathered together.
Listen Quran: 81/At-Takwir-6
81/At-Takwir-6: And when the seas are set on blazing fire.
Listen Quran: 81/At-Takwir-7
81/At-Takwir-7: And when the souls are reunited (with physical bodies).
Listen Quran: 81/At-Takwir-8
81/At-Takwir-8: And when the female infant buried alive is asked.
Listen Quran: 81/At-Takwir-9
81/At-Takwir-9: For what sin was she killed?
Listen Quran: 81/At-Takwir-10
81/At-Takwir-10: And when the pages (of one’s deeds) are opened (when the life films are showed).
Listen Quran: 81/At-Takwir-11
81/At-Takwir-11: And when the heaven is stripped off (from its place) (when the curtains are lifted).
Listen Quran: 81/At-Takwir-12
81/At-Takwir-12: And when Hell is set ablaze on blazing Fire.
Listen Quran: 81/At-Takwir-13
81/At-Takwir-13: And when heaven is brought near.
Listen Quran: 81/At-Takwir-14
81/At-Takwir-14: Every soul shall know what it has prepared (it will see in the life film all that it has done).
Listen Quran: 81/At-Takwir-15
81/At-Takwir-15: After this nay! I swear by ‘Hunnes’ (the central gravitational force).
Listen Quran: 81/At-Takwir-16
81/At-Takwir-16: To the ‘Kunnes’ (that rotate in its orbit within the central gravitational force).
Listen Quran: 81/At-Takwir-17
81/At-Takwir-17: And to the night when it is about to turn to its darkness.
Listen Quran: 81/At-Takwir-18
81/At-Takwir-18: And (I swear) to the morning when it begins to dawn.
Listen Quran: 81/At-Takwir-19
81/At-Takwir-19: Most surely it (the Qur’an) is the Word of the honored Rasul (Messenger).
Listen Quran: 81/At-Takwir-20
81/At-Takwir-20: Owner of honor (high rank and prestige) in the presence of the Possessor of beyond existence.
Listen Quran: 81/At-Takwir-21
81/At-Takwir-21: He is the obeyed one, safe in there.
Listen Quran: 81/At-Takwir-22
81/At-Takwir-22: And your companion is not mad.
Listen Quran: 81/At-Takwir-23
81/At-Takwir-23: And indeed he (the Rasul) saw him (Gabriel) clearly on the horizon.
Listen Quran: 81/At-Takwir-24
81/At-Takwir-24: And he is not the One who conceals what is revealed of the Unseen (He conveys exactly the way it is).
Listen Quran: 81/At-Takwir-25
81/At-Takwir-25: And it (the Qur’an) is not the word of a stoned Satan.
Listen Quran: 81/At-Takwir-26
81/At-Takwir-26: Then where are you going?
Listen Quran: 81/At-Takwir-27
81/At-Takwir-27: It (the Qur’an) is but a Dhikir (Reminder) for the worlds.
Listen Quran: 81/At-Takwir-28
81/At-Takwir-28: It is for him among you who wills to be on a Direction (willing to turn to Allah).
Listen Quran: 81/At-Takwir-29
81/At-Takwir-29: And you cannot will unless Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, wills.
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