'Abasa 1-42, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-30, Page-585)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-30 » Page-585
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'Abasa: 80/'Abasa-1, 80/'Abasa-2, 80/'Abasa-3, 80/'Abasa-4, 80/'Abasa-5, 80/'Abasa-6, 80/'Abasa-7, 80/'Abasa-8, 80/'Abasa-9, 80/'Abasa-10, 80/'Abasa-11, 80/'Abasa-12, 80/'Abasa-13, 80/'Abasa-14, 80/'Abasa-15, 80/'Abasa-16, 80/'Abasa-17, 80/'Abasa-18, 80/'Abasa-19, 80/'Abasa-20, 80/'Abasa-21, 80/'Abasa-22, 80/'Abasa-23, 80/'Abasa-24, 80/'Abasa-25, 80/'Abasa-26, 80/'Abasa-27, 80/'Abasa-28, 80/'Abasa-29, 80/'Abasa-30, 80/'Abasa-31, 80/'Abasa-32, 80/'Abasa-33, 80/'Abasa-34, 80/'Abasa-35, 80/'Abasa-36, 80/'Abasa-37, 80/'Abasa-38, 80/'Abasa-39, 80/'Abasa-40, 80/'Abasa-41, 80/'Abasa-42, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-30, Page-585, 'Abasa 1-42


Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-1
80/'Abasa-1: He was cumbersome (frowned) and turned away (did not pay attention).
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-2
80/'Abasa-2: (Due to) a blind man to come to him.
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-3
80/'Abasa-3: And you cannot know that he may be cleansed.
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-4
80/'Abasa-4: Or he might receive advice so that the advice might profit him.
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-5
80/'Abasa-5: But the one who considers himself self-sufficient (free from everything).
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-6
80/'Abasa-6: Yet, to him you are turned to.
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-7
80/'Abasa-7: And no blame is on you that he does not get cleansed.
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-8
80/'Abasa-8: Yet the one who comes to you running.
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-9
80/'Abasa-9: And he is in reverence.
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-10
80/'Abasa-10: However, you do not pay attention to him.
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-11
80/'Abasa-11: Nay, surely that (this Qur’an) is a Dhikr (an Advise).
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-12
80/'Abasa-12: So those who will remembers (take advise from) it.
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-13
80/'Abasa-13: It (the Qur’an) is in Honored Pages.
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-14
80/'Abasa-14: In exalted, purified (pages).
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-15
80/'Abasa-15: Through the hands of ambassadors (scribes).
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-16
80/'Abasa-16: (Written through the hands of) the noble truthful.
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-17
80/'Abasa-17: The human is ruined (ruined himself being cast out of Allah’s Mercy), how ungrateful he is!
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-18
80/'Abasa-18: From what thing did (Allah) create him?
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-19
80/'Abasa-19: From a Nutfah (He created him a drop), then decreed to him a destiny [programmed his development (his DNA’s) and appointed to him a life time].
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-20
80/'Abasa-20: Then He has made the way easy for him.
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-21
80/'Abasa-21: Then He caused him to die and put in grave.
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-22
80/'Abasa-22: Then when He wills, He will raise him to life again.
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-23
80/'Abasa-23: Nay; (human) has not carried out what (Allah) commanded him.
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-24
80/'Abasa-24: Then let human look at his food.
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-25
80/'Abasa-25: How We kept the water pouring.
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-26
80/'Abasa-26: Then We cleaved the earth with such cleaving.
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-27
80/'Abasa-27: So We caused to grow therein grains.
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-28
80/'Abasa-28: And grapes, and clover plants.
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-29
80/'Abasa-29: And olives and date-palms.
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-30
80/'Abasa-30: And gardens with trees within each other (the branches are running into each other).
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-31
80/'Abasa-31: And fruits and pasture (herbage).
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-32
80/'Abasa-32: To be a benefit for you and your animals.
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-33
80/'Abasa-33: But when As-Sakhkhah (the Deafening Cry) comes.
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-34
80/'Abasa-34: That Day a man flees from his brother.
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-35
80/'Abasa-35: And from his mother and his father.
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-36
80/'Abasa-36: And (flees) from his wife and his son.
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-37
80/'Abasa-37: For each one of them there is on that Day (of Permission) an affair which will occupy them (an affair which will be too much for them).
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-38
80/'Abasa-38: On that Day (of Permission) there are faces that are bright.
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-39
80/'Abasa-39: (There are) smiling (faces) heralded with good news.
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-40
80/'Abasa-40: And that Day (of Permission) there are faces covered with dust.
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-41
80/'Abasa-41: A darkness covers it.
Listen Quran: 80/'Abasa-42
80/'Abasa-42: These are, they who are disbelievers, the wicked (the deviant).
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