The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-30, Page-594), Al-Fajr 24-30, Al-Balad 1-20

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-30 » Page-594
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Al-Fajr: 89/Al-Fajr-24, 89/Al-Fajr-25, 89/Al-Fajr-26, 89/Al-Fajr-27, 89/Al-Fajr-28, 89/Al-Fajr-29, 89/Al-Fajr-30, Al-Balad: 90/Al-Balad-1, 90/Al-Balad-2, 90/Al-Balad-3, 90/Al-Balad-4, 90/Al-Balad-5, 90/Al-Balad-6, 90/Al-Balad-7, 90/Al-Balad-8, 90/Al-Balad-9, 90/Al-Balad-10, 90/Al-Balad-11, 90/Al-Balad-12, 90/Al-Balad-13, 90/Al-Balad-14, 90/Al-Balad-15, 90/Al-Balad-16, 90/Al-Balad-17, 90/Al-Balad-18, 90/Al-Balad-19, 90/Al-Balad-20, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-30, Page-594, Al-Fajr 24-30, Al-Balad 1-20
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89/Al-Fajr-24: He says: “I wish I had sent forth (good deeds) in my lifetime (while I was living)”!
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89/Al-Fajr-25: So on that Day of Permission none can torment like His (Allah’s) Torment.
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89/Al-Fajr-26: And none can bind like His binding.
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89/Al-Fajr-27: O satisfied soul!
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89/Al-Fajr-28: Return to your Lord, well-pleased (with Allah), and with Allah’s pleasure!
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89/Al-Fajr-29: (O physical body!) Then (when you have cleansed your soul’s heart and made your spirit reach Allah) enter among My servants (become My servant).
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89/Al-Fajr-30: And enter My heaven.


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90/Al-Balad-1: Nay! I swear by this city.
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90/Al-Balad-2: And you reside in this city.
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90/Al-Balad-3: And by the father and the newborn.
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90/Al-Balad-4: Certainly We have created human in distress.
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90/Al-Balad-5: Does he (the human) think that no one has power over him?
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90/Al-Balad-6: He says: “I have consumed abundant wealth”.
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90/Al-Balad-7: Does he think that no one sees him?
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90/Al-Balad-8: Have We not given him a pair of eyes?
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90/Al-Balad-9: And a tongue and two lips.
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90/Al-Balad-10: And We deliver him to ways (the Way of Hidayet and the way of Misguidance).
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90/Al-Balad-11: But he has not gone through Aqaba (the steep hill).
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90/Al-Balad-12: And what is it that makes you comprehend what Aqaba (the steep hill) is?
Listen Quran: 90/Al-Balad-13
90/Al-Balad-13: (Going through the steep hill) is freeing the slave.
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90/Al-Balad-14: Or feeding him in a day when he is hungry and exhausted.
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90/Al-Balad-15: An orphan who has a relationship (next to kin).
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90/Al-Balad-16: Or (feeding) the needy that is extremely poor.
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90/Al-Balad-17: Then to be one of those who is Amenu (who wish to reach Allah before death), and recommends patience and recommends mercy (is to go through the steep hill).
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90/Al-Balad-18: These are the Ashab-ı Meymene (the ones whose records of deeds (life films) are given from their right hand side).
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90/Al-Balad-19: And those who deny Our Verses, they are Ashab-ı Mesheme (the ones whose records of deeds (life films) are given from their left hand side).
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90/Al-Balad-20: On them is Fire closed around.
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