Al-Mutaffifin 7-34, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-30, Page-588)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-30 » Page-588
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Al-Mutaffifin: 83/Al-Mutaffifin-7, 83/Al-Mutaffifin-8, 83/Al-Mutaffifin-9, 83/Al-Mutaffifin-10, 83/Al-Mutaffifin-11, 83/Al-Mutaffifin-12, 83/Al-Mutaffifin-13, 83/Al-Mutaffifin-14, 83/Al-Mutaffifin-15, 83/Al-Mutaffifin-16, 83/Al-Mutaffifin-17, 83/Al-Mutaffifin-18, 83/Al-Mutaffifin-19, 83/Al-Mutaffifin-20, 83/Al-Mutaffifin-21, 83/Al-Mutaffifin-22, 83/Al-Mutaffifin-23, 83/Al-Mutaffifin-24, 83/Al-Mutaffifin-25, 83/Al-Mutaffifin-26, 83/Al-Mutaffifin-27, 83/Al-Mutaffifin-28, 83/Al-Mutaffifin-29, 83/Al-Mutaffifin-30, 83/Al-Mutaffifin-31, 83/Al-Mutaffifin-32, 83/Al-Mutaffifin-33, 83/Al-Mutaffifin-34, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-30, Page-588, Al-Mutaffifin 7-34
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83/Al-Mutaffifin-7: Nay! Most surely the Books (the records, life films) of Al-Fujjâr (the disbelievers who follow the wickedness of Satan) is indeed in Sijjîn (in the dark cells of Destiny found in the seven levels under the Ground Floor).
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83/Al-Mutaffifin-8: And what is it that makes you know what Sijjîn is?
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83/Al-Mutaffifin-9: (It is) a Numbered (a record of one’s deeds which the negative and positive points are written as degrees) Book (the record, one’s life film).
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83/Al-Mutaffifin-10: Woe to the beliers on the Day of Permission.
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83/Al-Mutaffifin-11: That they belie the Day of Religion.
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83/Al-Mutaffifin-12: And none belies it (the Day of Religion) except every exceeder of limits, the rebellious sinful ones.
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83/Al-Mutaffifin-13: When Our Verses were recited to him, he said: “Tales of the ancients”.
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83/Al-Mutaffifin-14: Nay! Rather, what they used to earn has covered their hearts (darkened their hearts).
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83/Al-Mutaffifin-15: Nay! Most surely they are the ones who are veiled from their Lord on the Day of Permission (they cannot see their Lord).
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83/Al-Mutaffifin-16: Then most surely they are the ones who shall be flung into the burning flame.
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83/Al-Mutaffifin-17: Then it shall be said to them: “This is what you used to belie”.
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83/Al-Mutaffifin-18: Nay! Most surely the Books (the Records, their life films) of the Abrâr (those who wished to reach Allah before death, who are on Hidayet) is in Illiyyûn (in the Cells of Destiny found in the first World of the seventh heaven above the Ground level).
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83/Al-Mutaffifin-19: And what is it that makes you know what Illiyyûn is?
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83/Al-Mutaffifin-20: (It is) a Numbered (the negative and positive degrees that had been earned are written down) Book (record, one’s life film).
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83/Al-Mutaffifin-21: Mukarrebin (angels that are close to it) witnesses it.
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83/Al-Mutaffifin-22: Most surely the ones who are Al-Abrâr are in blessings.
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83/Al-Mutaffifin-23: They watch upon (sitting in) thrones.
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83/Al-Mutaffifin-24: You see and recognize in their faces the shining of the blessing.
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83/Al-Mutaffifin-25: They are offered (made to drink) of a pure wine that is sealed (that only they will open).
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83/Al-Mutaffifin-26: The end of it (the wine) is (the wonderful smell of) musk. And the competitors shall compete for this.
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83/Al-Mutaffifin-27: The ingredient of it is Tasnîm.
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83/Al-Mutaffifin-28: It is a spring that which Mukarrebin drinks.
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83/Al-Mutaffifin-29: Surely the guilty ones (sinful) used to laugh at those who believed (who were âmenû, who wished to reach Allah before death).
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83/Al-Mutaffifin-30: And when they passed by them, they wink at one another (in mockery).
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83/Al-Mutaffifin-31: And when they return to their families, they return in delight.
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83/Al-Mutaffifin-32: And when they saw them, they said: “Most surely they are indeed in Misguidance”.
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83/Al-Mutaffifin-33: And they were not sent to be watchers over them (the believers, Amenu ones).
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83/Al-Mutaffifin-34: So today, those who believe laugh at the disbelievers. (35) They watch (sitting) on thrones.
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