The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-30, Page-587), Al-Infitar 1-19, Al-Mutaffifin 1-6

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-30 » Page-587
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Al-Infitar: 82/Al-Infitar-1, 82/Al-Infitar-2, 82/Al-Infitar-3, 82/Al-Infitar-4, 82/Al-Infitar-5, 82/Al-Infitar-6, 82/Al-Infitar-7, 82/Al-Infitar-8, 82/Al-Infitar-9, 82/Al-Infitar-10, 82/Al-Infitar-11, 82/Al-Infitar-12, 82/Al-Infitar-13, 82/Al-Infitar-14, 82/Al-Infitar-15, 82/Al-Infitar-16, 82/Al-Infitar-17, 82/Al-Infitar-18, 82/Al-Infitar-19, Al-Mutaffifin: 83/Al-Mutaffifin-1, 83/Al-Mutaffifin-2, 83/Al-Mutaffifin-3, 83/Al-Mutaffifin-4, 83/Al-Mutaffifin-5, 83/Al-Mutaffifin-6, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-30, Page-587, Al-Infitar 1-19, Al-Mutaffifin 1-6


Listen Quran: 82/Al-Infitar-1
82/Al-Infitar-1: When the sky cracks and splits.
Listen Quran: 82/Al-Infitar-2
82/Al-Infitar-2: And when the stars scatter around.
Listen Quran: 82/Al-Infitar-3
82/Al-Infitar-3: And when the seas swell up and get mixed up with one another.
Listen Quran: 82/Al-Infitar-4
82/Al-Infitar-4: And when the graves are turned upside down (when the dead are made to come out).
Listen Quran: 82/Al-Infitar-5
82/Al-Infitar-5: (Every) soul had come to know what it has presented (what it has done) and what it has delayed (has not done).
Listen Quran: 82/Al-Infitar-6
82/Al-Infitar-6: O human! What is it that tempts (conceits) you from your Lord, the Most Gracious?
Listen Quran: 82/Al-Infitar-7
82/Al-Infitar-7: That He (your Lord) created you, then designed you, then gave you due proportion, made you balanced, healthy.
Listen Quran: 82/Al-Infitar-8
82/Al-Infitar-8: In whatever form He willed, he constituted you (He gave a different form to each by putting together different genetic codes).
Listen Quran: 82/Al-Infitar-9
82/Al-Infitar-9: Nay! But you belie the Religion.
Listen Quran: 82/Al-Infitar-10
82/Al-Infitar-10: And most surely there are protecting angels over you.
Listen Quran: 82/Al-Infitar-11
82/Al-Infitar-11: As Honorable recorders (Scribes).
Listen Quran: 82/Al-Infitar-12
82/Al-Infitar-12: They know what you do.
Listen Quran: 82/Al-Infitar-13
82/Al-Infitar-13: Most surely Al-Abrâr (the righteous who are the people of Paradise) are in blessings.
Listen Quran: 82/Al-Infitar-14
82/Al-Infitar-14: And most surely Al-Fujjâr (the wicked) are surely in the blazing Fire.
Listen Quran: 82/Al-Infitar-15
82/Al-Infitar-15: They (get thrown in) prop themselves against it (blazing fire) on the Day of Religion.
Listen Quran: 82/Al-Infitar-16
82/Al-Infitar-16: And they shall by no means be consumed from it (from the blazing Fire).
Listen Quran: 82/Al-Infitar-17
82/Al-Infitar-17: And what is it that makes you realize what the Day of Religion is?
Listen Quran: 82/Al-Infitar-18
82/Al-Infitar-18: Then, (yes) what is it that makes you realize what the Day of Religion is?
Listen Quran: 82/Al-Infitar-19
82/Al-Infitar-19: That Day no soul has power (to do anything) at all for any other, and the Command on the Day of Permission shall be entirely Allah’s.


Listen Quran: 83/Al-Mutaffifin-1
83/Al-Mutaffifin-1: Woe to those who give less in measure (and weight).
Listen Quran: 83/Al-Mutaffifin-2
83/Al-Mutaffifin-2: When they buy by measure, they are good to people (they measure righteously).
Listen Quran: 83/Al-Mutaffifin-3
83/Al-Mutaffifin-3: And when they measure out to others or weight out for them, they are deficient (they give less than its due).
Listen Quran: 83/Al-Mutaffifin-4
83/Al-Mutaffifin-4: Do they not think that they shall be raised (resurrected) again?
Listen Quran: 83/Al-Mutaffifin-5
83/Al-Mutaffifin-5: For the great Day.
Listen Quran: 83/Al-Mutaffifin-6
83/Al-Mutaffifin-6: The Day on which mankind shall stand for the Lord of the Worlds.
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