The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-30, Page-601), Al-Asr 1-3, Al-Humazah 1-9, Al-Fil 1-5

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-30 » Page-601
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Al-Asr: 103/Al-Asr-1, 103/Al-Asr-2, 103/Al-Asr-3, Al-Humazah: 104/Al-Humazah-1, 104/Al-Humazah-2, 104/Al-Humazah-3, 104/Al-Humazah-4, 104/Al-Humazah-5, 104/Al-Humazah-6, 104/Al-Humazah-7, 104/Al-Humazah-8, 104/Al-Humazah-9, Al-Fil: 105/Al-Fil-1, 105/Al-Fil-2, 105/Al-Fil-3, 105/Al-Fil-4, 105/Al-Fil-5, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-30, Page-601, Al-Asr 1-3, Al-Humazah 1-9, Al-Fil 1-5


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103/Al-Asr-1: By the Time.
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103/Al-Asr-2: Most surely man is indeed in Loss.
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103/Al-Asr-3: Except those who are Amenu (who wish to reach Allah while they are alive, those who have passed through the first 7 stages) and do improving deeds (do the soul’s cleansing, those who have passed through the second 7 stages) and recommend the Truth (as their spirits have already reached Allah; those who have passed the third 7 stages) and recommend the Patience (who have passed the fourth 7 stages).


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104/Al-Humazah-1: Woe to those who got into the habit of backbiting and mocking by winking).
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104/Al-Humazah-2: That he would collect wealth and count it over and over again.
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104/Al-Humazah-3: He thinks that his wealth will render him immortal!
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104/Al-Humazah-4: By no means! He shall most surely be hurled into Al-Hutamah (set up fire).
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104/Al-Humazah-5: And what is it that makes you comprehend what Al-Hutamah is?
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104/Al-Humazah-6: (It is) the Fire of Allah set ablaze.
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104/Al-Humazah-7: Which (Al-Hutamah) leaps up (rises up) over the hearts.
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104/Al-Humazah-8: Surely it is closed over upon them (disbelievers).
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104/Al-Humazah-9: They will be (tied) at raised pillars.


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105/Al-Fil-1: Have you not seen (known) what your Lord have done to the owners of the Elephant?
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105/Al-Fil-2: Has He not made their plot go vain?
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105/Al-Fil-3: And sent down upon them Ebabil birds (sent down flying Ebabil).
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105/Al-Fil-4: (They were) dropping upon them stones of baked clay.
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105/Al-Fil-5: So they made them like eaten up crops’ leaves.
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