Al-Buruj 1-22, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-30, Page-590)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-30 » Page-590
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Al-Buruj: 85/Al-Buruj-1, 85/Al-Buruj-2, 85/Al-Buruj-3, 85/Al-Buruj-4, 85/Al-Buruj-5, 85/Al-Buruj-6, 85/Al-Buruj-7, 85/Al-Buruj-8, 85/Al-Buruj-9, 85/Al-Buruj-10, 85/Al-Buruj-11, 85/Al-Buruj-12, 85/Al-Buruj-13, 85/Al-Buruj-14, 85/Al-Buruj-15, 85/Al-Buruj-16, 85/Al-Buruj-17, 85/Al-Buruj-18, 85/Al-Buruj-19, 85/Al-Buruj-20, 85/Al-Buruj-21, 85/Al-Buruj-22, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-30, Page-590, Al-Buruj 1-22


Listen Quran: 85/Al-Buruj-1
85/Al-Buruj-1: By the sky holding the Constellations.
Listen Quran: 85/Al-Buruj-2
85/Al-Buruj-2: And by the Promised Day.
Listen Quran: 85/Al-Buruj-3
85/Al-Buruj-3: And by the witness and the witnessed (by the seer and the seen).
Listen Quran: 85/Al-Buruj-4
85/Al-Buruj-4: The people of the Trench were destroyed.
Listen Quran: 85/Al-Buruj-5
85/Al-Buruj-5: (The companions) of the fire with fuel (in it).
Listen Quran: 85/Al-Buruj-6
85/Al-Buruj-6: That they had sat around it (the fire).
Listen Quran: 85/Al-Buruj-7
85/Al-Buruj-7: And they were watching what they were doing against the believers.
Listen Quran: 85/Al-Buruj-8
85/Al-Buruj-8: And they did not take vengeance on them for anything except that they believed in Allah, the All-Mighty, the Most Praiseworthy.
Listen Quran: 85/Al-Buruj-9
85/Al-Buruj-9: That He (Allah) is the Owner of the Dominion of the heavens and the earth; and Allah is a Witness over all things.
Listen Quran: 85/Al-Buruj-10
85/Al-Buruj-10: Surely they had tortured the believing men and the believing women, then had not repented. Then for them there is the torment of Hell and burning torment.
Listen Quran: 85/Al-Buruj-11
85/Al-Buruj-11: Surely those who believe (who wish to reach Allah while they are alive) and do improving deeds (that cleanse the souls’ hearts), for them there are heavens under which the rivers flow and that is the Greatest Achievement (the Greatest Salvation and honorable offering).
Listen Quran: 85/Al-Buruj-12
85/Al-Buruj-12: Surely the Seizure of your Lord is indeed severe.
Listen Quran: 85/Al-Buruj-13
85/Al-Buruj-13: Surely He originates (from nothing) first. And then makes it return (back).
Listen Quran: 85/Al-Buruj-14
85/Al-Buruj-14: And He is the Oft-Forgiving, the Most Loving.
Listen Quran: 85/Al-Buruj-15
85/Al-Buruj-15: (He is) the Owner of the Arsh (beyond existence), the most Glorious (the most Honorable).
Listen Quran: 85/Al-Buruj-16
85/Al-Buruj-16: Doer of whatever He wills.
Listen Quran: 85/Al-Buruj-17
85/Al-Buruj-17: Has the story of the armies come to you?
Listen Quran: 85/Al-Buruj-18
85/Al-Buruj-18: (The armies of the people of) Pharaoh and Thamûd.
Listen Quran: 85/Al-Buruj-19
85/Al-Buruj-19: Nay! The deniers are belying.
Listen Quran: 85/Al-Buruj-20
85/Al-Buruj-20: And Allah encompasses them from behind.
Listen Quran: 85/Al-Buruj-21
85/Al-Buruj-21: Nay! That Qur’ân is Glorious.
Listen Quran: 85/Al-Buruj-22
85/Al-Buruj-22: (It is) in Levhi Mahfuz (recorded in the Central Computerized System).
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