The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-30, Page-600), Al-Adiyat 10-11, Al-Qari'ah 1-11, At-Takathur 1-8

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-30 » Page-600
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Al-Adiyat: 100/Al-Adiyat-10, 100/Al-Adiyat-11, Al-Qari'ah: 101/Al-Qari'ah-1, 101/Al-Qari'ah-2, 101/Al-Qari'ah-3, 101/Al-Qari'ah-4, 101/Al-Qari'ah-5, 101/Al-Qari'ah-6, 101/Al-Qari'ah-7, 101/Al-Qari'ah-8, 101/Al-Qari'ah-9, 101/Al-Qari'ah-10, 101/Al-Qari'ah-11, At-Takathur: 102/At-Takathur-1, 102/At-Takathur-2, 102/At-Takathur-3, 102/At-Takathur-4, 102/At-Takathur-5, 102/At-Takathur-6, 102/At-Takathur-7, 102/At-Takathur-8, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-30, Page-600, Al-Adiyat 10-11, Al-Qari'ah 1-11, At-Takathur 1-8
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100/Al-Adiyat-10: And what is in the bosoms (all thoughts, intentions concerning the good and the evil) is gathered and made apparent.
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100/Al-Adiyat-11: Most surely their Lord that Day of Permission is the One Who is Well-Acquainted with them.


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101/Al-Qari'ah-2: What is Kâriah?
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101/Al-Qari'ah-3: What is it that makes you comprehend what Kâriah is?
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101/Al-Qari'ah-4: On that Day people turn to be like butterflies scattered about.
Listen Quran: 101/Al-Qari'ah-5
101/Al-Qari'ah-5: And the mountains turn to be like carded multi-colored wool.
Listen Quran: 101/Al-Qari'ah-6
101/Al-Qari'ah-6: But as for him whose scales are heavy (whose positive degrees are more than his negative degrees).
Listen Quran: 101/Al-Qari'ah-7
101/Al-Qari'ah-7: He is in a pleasing life.
Listen Quran: 101/Al-Qari'ah-8
101/Al-Qari'ah-8: And but, as for him whose scales are light (whose positive degrees are less than his negative degrees).
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101/Al-Qari'ah-9: Then his Mother (what will embrace him) is Hâviyah (fire of hell).
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101/Al-Qari'ah-10: And what is it that makes you comprehend what it (Hâviyah) is?
Listen Quran: 101/Al-Qari'ah-11
101/Al-Qari'ah-11: (It is) a fiercely burning Fire!


Listen Quran: 102/At-Takathur-1
102/At-Takathur-1: Your bragging with the worldly abundance (wealth, properties, children, etc.) entertained you.
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102/At-Takathur-2: Even you visited the graves (you even counted the dead and boasted of their multitude).
Listen Quran: 102/At-Takathur-3
102/At-Takathur-3: Nay! You shall know soon.
Listen Quran: 102/At-Takathur-4
102/At-Takathur-4: Then nay! You shall know soon (that it is not so).
Listen Quran: 102/At-Takathur-5
102/At-Takathur-5: Nay! If you had known with Ilme’l Yaqîn (a certain knowledge).
Listen Quran: 102/At-Takathur-6
102/At-Takathur-6: You will most certainly see the blazing Fire.
Listen Quran: 102/At-Takathur-7
102/At-Takathur-7: Then you will most certainly see it with Ain’al yaqîn (the eye of certainty).
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102/At-Takathur-8: Then on the Day of Permission you shall most certainly be questioned about the blessings.
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