As-Saffat 52-76, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-23, Page-448)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-23 » Page-448
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As-Saffat: 37/As-Saffat-52, 37/As-Saffat-53, 37/As-Saffat-54, 37/As-Saffat-55, 37/As-Saffat-56, 37/As-Saffat-57, 37/As-Saffat-58, 37/As-Saffat-59, 37/As-Saffat-60, 37/As-Saffat-61, 37/As-Saffat-62, 37/As-Saffat-63, 37/As-Saffat-64, 37/As-Saffat-65, 37/As-Saffat-66, 37/As-Saffat-67, 37/As-Saffat-68, 37/As-Saffat-69, 37/As-Saffat-70, 37/As-Saffat-71, 37/As-Saffat-72, 37/As-Saffat-73, 37/As-Saffat-74, 37/As-Saffat-75, 37/As-Saffat-76, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-23, Page-448, As-Saffat 52-76
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37/As-Saffat-52: “Are you indeed of those who confirmed (the Resurrection)”?
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37/As-Saffat-53: When we are dead and have become dust and bones? Shall we then be certainly to receive punishment?
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37/As-Saffat-54: (The speaker) said: “Are you the ones who know his state closely”?
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37/As-Saffat-55: Then knew his state closely and saw him in the midst of the Fire.
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37/As-Saffat-56: Said: “By Allah! You had almost caused me to perish too”.
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37/As-Saffat-57: And had it not been for the Blessing of my Lord, I would certainly have been of those who were made to be present (to burn in Hell).
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37/As-Saffat-58: We are then not to die (any more) aren’t we?
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37/As-Saffat-59: Except our first death. And we shall not be tormented (either).
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37/As-Saffat-60: Most surely this is Fevzül Azîm (the supreme Salvation).
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37/As-Saffat-61: Then the workers of deeds shall work for the like of this (for attaining to supreme Salvation).
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37/As-Saffat-62: Is this better (as requital that is sent down from Allah) or the tree of Zaqqûm (a horrible tree in Hell)?
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37/As-Saffat-63: Surely We have made it (Zaqqûm) to be a mischief (test) for the wrong-doers.
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37/As-Saffat-64: Surely it (Zaqqûm) is a tree that grows in the bottom of Hell!
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37/As-Saffat-65: Its fruits are as it were the heads of the Satans.
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37/As-Saffat-66: Then most certainly they are the ones who will eat of it (Zaqqûm) and fill their bellies with it.
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37/As-Saffat-67: Then most surely they have after it to drink of a mixture prepared in boiling water.
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37/As-Saffat-68: Then most surely their return is to Hell.
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37/As-Saffat-69: Surely they found their forefathers being in Misguidance.
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37/As-Saffat-70: So in their footsteps they were being hastened on.
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37/As-Saffat-71: And certainly most of them of old (too) were in Misguidance.
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37/As-Saffat-72: And certainly We sent to them Warners.
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37/As-Saffat-73: Then see how the end of those who were warned was!
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37/As-Saffat-74: Except the Muhlasîn (the utterly pure) servants of Allah, ones.
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37/As-Saffat-75: And Noah did certainly call upon Us. And how excellent (the case) are those whose calls are answered.
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37/As-Saffat-76: And We rescued him (Noah) and his household from the great distress.
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