Sad 27-42, The Noble Qur'an (Juz'-23, Page-455)

The Noble Qur'an » Juz'-23 » Page-455
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Sad: 38/Sad-27, 38/Sad-28, 38/Sad-29, 38/Sad-30, 38/Sad-31, 38/Sad-32, 38/Sad-33, 38/Sad-34, 38/Sad-35, 38/Sad-36, 38/Sad-37, 38/Sad-38, 38/Sad-39, 38/Sad-40, 38/Sad-41, 38/Sad-42, The Noble Qur'an, Juz'-23, Page-455, Sad 27-42
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38/Sad-27: And We did not create the heaven and the earth and what is between them in vain. That is the opinion of those who disbelieve. Then woe to those who disbelieve, on account of Fire (since they will be tormented).
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38/Sad-28: Shall We treat those who believe (who wish to reach Allah before death) and do improving deeds (do the soul’s cleansing) like the mischief-makers in the earth, or those who are the pious (the owners of takwâ) like the wicked.
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38/Sad-29: We have sent down to you this Blessed Book that they may take caution with its Verses and that Ulûl'elbab (the owners of continuous remembrance, the owners of the secret divine treasures) may deliberate.
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38/Sad-30: And We bestowed on David, his son Solomon. How excellent servant! Surely he was Evvâb (He had reached Allah).
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38/Sad-31: There were brought to him in the evening marvelous breed horses ready to run.
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38/Sad-32: Then he said: “Surely I love (them) with the love of goodness (with the love of those who have attained to continuous remembrance) because I remember (repeat the Name of) my Lord”. (When the horses) disappeared (running swiftly and raising clouds of dust) behind the curtain.
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38/Sad-33: (He said:) “Bring them back to me”. So he began to caress their legs and necks.
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38/Sad-34: And certainly We tried Solomon, and We made him reach on his throne as a (mere) body, then he turned (departed).
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38/Sad-35: He said: “My Lord! Forgive me and bestow upon me a dominion which cannot be attained by anyone else after me. Verily, you are All-Forgiving.
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38/Sad-36: Upon that We made the wind subservient to him. By his command, it would go where ever he desired blowing gently.
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38/Sad-37: And also all the devils that they are the builders and divers.
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38/Sad-38: And the others (too) fettered in chains (given to his command).
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38/Sad-39: These are Our gifts. So bestow freely or withhold, without reckoning.
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38/Sad-40: And most surely he has a high rank in Our Presence and an excellent refuge (resort).
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38/Sad-41: And remember Our servant Job (Ayyûb). He had called upon his Lord, saying: “Verily, Satan had distress and torment touched me”.
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38/Sad-42: Strike (the ground) with your foot. Here is a cool water to wash and drink.
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